Stan Zukowski

Stan co-founded Altitude Marketing in 2004. Throughout his varied career, Stan has launched, managed and contributed to nearly all forms of business-to-consumer and business-to-business communication.

This includes websites, books, newspapers, magazines, trade shows, advertising and direct marketing—for both adults and children alike.

Often referred to as “The Razor,” Stan is a seasoned editor with the uncanny ability to take a 20-page report, cut it down to three paragraphs and a bullet list—and still say everything that needs to be said, only better.

Stan’s innovative lateral thinking enables Team Altitude to position its clients effectively across all media in unique and compelling ways. As creative director, Stan continually pushes our stable of talented and award-winning design, writing and programming professionals to stretch their comfort levels while at the same time challenging clients with new approaches to their marketing communications efforts.

He is active in the local community, having served on the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels as the chair of the Marketing and Development Committee. He has also acted in a number of theatrical performances at the Civic Theatre of Allentown.

Prior to launching Altitude, Stan worked for such internationally recognized brands as the Children’s Better Health Institute, the Saturday Evening Post Society, Rodale Inc. and Lehigh University. He is an avid banjo player, juggler and Rubik’s cuber (with a personal best of 40 seconds on the 3×3, in case you were wondering).