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On the Horizon

Delighting clients. It’s our number-one priority at Altitude Marketing and we’re always on the lookout for the latest, greatest tools that help us accomplish that goal.

HorizonOf course, an important piece of the puzzle is effectively communicating the results of our efforts. For a while, we have been on the search for an existing third-party tool to suit that communication need – while also being flexible enough to meet the demands of individual clients – but we were unable to find it.

So we built it ourselves. From the ground up.

Introducing Horizon

Horizon is a proprietary reporting platform custom-developed to provide an intuitive user experience while relaying key marketing metrics and results to clients.

The platform, which features a simple and straightforward user interface, is laid out in an intuitive fashion, making it easy to find important results and updates quickly and in a largely visual manner. Horizon also stores more detailed information for clients who want to delve deeper than key metrics, allowing for Altitude client engagement managers to attach supporting materials and reports. The platform also provides an archive of past reports, providing each client with an organized library of the work that has been done over the length of their engagement with Altitude.large

Horizon is a unique reporting dashboard only available for Altitude retainer clients. Clients receive monthly reports through a secure link, which can be accessed on any Internet-connected computer. And each report is handcrafted by Altitude client engagement managers to ensure that each client receives all the information they need in a simple, attractive design interface.

In addition to the current monthly report, clients have secure access to their report archives from their personalized dashboards.

We think the development of Horizon is just one more value-add that Altitude can deliver to our retainer clients – and is just one additional way we aim to serve and help us reach our goal of surpassing expectations.