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To Blog or Not to Blog: Is That the Question?

As Altitude Marketing launches its blog, I am faced with the question, “Do I or don’t I?”  I realize this is a question the majority of our Business to Business (B-2-B) clients face as we deploy a higher mix of social media into their marketing strategy.

So let’s look at some of the benefits of blogging.

  • An important component of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Creates fresh content for your website (Google loves that).
  • Puts more relevant key word (or key phrases) for better indexing.
  • Demonstrates and enhances your company’s thought leadership position.

Blogging can be fun, profitable, and many find it is a great creative outlet.  But there are some “watch outs” too.

Just because you blog, doesn’t mean anyone will actually read it. A better tactic is to post comments on other thought leaders blogs who are heavily trafficked, with your own spin or opinion and a link back to your website’s relevant article. Success in blogging revolves around creating and sustaining a meaningful dialogue.

Make sure you first know the stats on the key words/phrases you may be focusing on. Altitude found that for one of our clients in the insurance industry. In one particular month, 3,000 people searched on “property and casualty insurance software”, but 300,000 preferred the short cut “p&c insurance software.”

Don’t start then stop. Make a commitment to blog regularly for at least 6 months. Set up a weekly or monthly schedule. If you give up, take down your blog. There is nothing worse than “last blog post- October 2008.” To develop passionate readers and fans you need to give them something to rely on, posting regularly doesn’t mean posting every day, it means posting in a predictable manner.

Keep it relevant. Even if you go on a rant about the local recycling center, relate it back into what you do for your customers. Or, describe a similar situation you faced and how you reacted, or how the situation could have worked out better – any way you do it, be sure to make it your own and tie it all together.

So here I am, blogging about blogging.  It can work for  B-2-B, but do your homework, be consistent and don’t expect miracles (at least not right away).

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