What Is a Full-Stack Marketing Agency?

Gabriella Ciaccio

Looking for a marketing agency that won’t just develop a strategy but will know how to execute it long-term? A full-stack marketing agency is probably your best bet. Here, we discuss the details behind full-stack marketing agencies, including how they’re different and why B2B businesses love them.

What is a Full-Stack Marketing Agency?

We all know what a marketing agency is, but the term “full-stack” can prompt a few questions. So, let’s clear it up: A full-stack marketing agency has practical knowledge in all areas of a company’s online marketing strategy, rather than specializing in just one or two. They have the ability to create and support successful online campaigns using their broad knowledge of digital marketing.

What Makes Full-Stack Agencies So Unique?

Full-stack agencies differ from other marketing agencies primarily in the range of digital services they provide. Most marketing agencies have limited or specialized focuses – PPC, content, MarTech automation, etc. Full-stack agencies provide most or all of those services and can create cohesive strategies that integrate everything across a wide range of online platforms, including an organization’s website, advertising and social media channels, and so much more.

Which Services Do Full-Stack Marketing Agencies Typically Offer?

As we mentioned above, full-stack agencies tend to be broad and deep when it comes to service offering. That said, most B2B companies hire full-stack agencies for one of a few common reasons. Here are the most typical.

#1 — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a specific type of marketing that focuses on achieving high ranks in Google search engine results pages (SERP). SEO is a critical part of any company’s marketing strategy – especially those in competitive industries. Full-stack agencies often have serious chops when it comes to SEO. This means they know things like how to create targeted content that will increase rankings and, thus, traffic, to a company’s website – but also things like how to identify the right keywords, optimize images, set up a Google My Business account, and so much more.

#2 — Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising allows companies to bid for premium placement in search engine results around specific user search queries. There are many PPC-focused marketing agencies that specialize in creating and running PPC campaigns. Full-stack marketing agencies can do this too, but differ in a few important ways.

First, full-stack agencies will often create the content deliverables that PPC campaigns leverage (from videos to eBooks to webinars). This helps ensure the content you’re promoting is what your prospective audience actually wants to consume. Another thing that sets full-stack agencies apart is the broader size and scope of PPC campaigns they have to manage, which typically range in budget from a few thousand to more than a hundred thousand dollars per month … or more.

#3 — Website Design and Development

Web design and development are instrumental in brand success. Everything from graphic design to copy is essential in introducing your brand to the digital world and setting it apart from your competition. Your website is also the place where most of your content will live, so it’s important that users are able to navigate and find what they’re looking for with ease. A full-stack marketing agency will know how to design a modern website that excels at converting its users.

#4 — Content Marketing

Content marketing is much more than just writing content and posting it online. Comprehensive, highly optimized content can drive tons of qualified organic traffic to a B2B company’s website. Many full-stack marketing agencies have experienced content teams that know how to balance technical subject matter expertise with easy readability. This way, prospective buyers don’t just find your content – they actually consume it and remember it.

#5 — Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has opened the door to endless online marketing opportunities. Every social media channel provides a way for marketers to promote brands online, through photos, videos, ads, infographics, and more. Full-stack marketing agencies know how integral social media is to brand success, and they can set up profiles, create organic content, target qualified audiences, and launch paid ads on every platform – and then audit performance. These days, if you don’t have social media, you are severely behind in the digital world. A good agency can help you catch up.

Full-Stack Marketing FAQs:

Where did the term “full-stack” come from?

“Full-stack” originated in the developer world as a term for software developers who could use various technologies at any layer. Now, it is basically a term that indicates someone’s broad knowledge surrounding a topic.

What are the benefits of working with a full-stack marketing agency?

Those who work with full-stack marketing agencies receive help throughout all areas of digital campaigns and can trust that an entire campaign is cohesive and synchronous. They also alleviate excessive oversight from an organization.

For example, if a brand is working with multiple marketing agencies who each specialize in something different, that brand would need to make time to oversee the campaign creation process so that all marketing content remains consistent. Full-stack marketing agencies already know what is going on throughout a campaign and don’t rely on others to assist them, meaning they can build a completely integrated strategy with little to no supervision from you.

Is hiring a full-stack marketing agency expensive?

While working with a full-stack marketing agency can be costly, it is not as costly as working with multiple different agencies for multiple needs. Most full-stack marketing agencies provide excellent return on investment (ROI) and end up paying for themselves with the number of leads they produce. At the end of the day, hiring one is worth the money and will always be cheaper than hiring several agencies for individual tasks.

Can startup companies benefit from working with a full-stack marketing agency?

Full-stack marketing agencies aren’t just great for large, established companies — they’re also often among the first partners a startup looks to hire. A skilled full-stack marketing agency with experience working with startups can help scale a business quickly and efficiently. This lightens the marketing burden tremendously – a huge advantage for startups, which often have no marketing department or need help figuring out which roles to hire. Full-stack marketing agencies offer a complete, well-rounded marketing strategy and can ultimately lead startups to great success.

Do all full-stack marketing agencies provide the same services?

Not necessarily. While being “full-stack” implies that a marketing agency provides all of the essential digital marketing services, every agency is different. It’s always a good idea to meet with an agency to discuss needs and goals to see if there is a good fit.

Final Thoughts

Companies in all industries choose to work with full-stack marketing agencies when they need broader and deeper support. They will be able to develop and create virtually every aspect of your organization’s integrated marketing campaign – and then manage it long-term.

Gabriella Ciaccio

Gab, content marketing coordinator, is a creative writer with over ten years of copywriting experience. In her role, she creates compelling content for Altitude and our global roster of clients. Always writing with the client in mind, she crafts content that increases brand awareness, boosts website traffic, drives leads and engages a client’s ideal audience.