Matt Borrelli

Matt Borrelli

Vice President, Creative Director

Matt lives for the opportunity to craft focused business strategies into compelling and memorable creative that drives business for clients.

Creative that makes you think. Creative that makes you laugh. Creative that makes you act. Creative that you won’t soon forget. It starts with distilling the client’s offering into a singular differentiator and exploring ways to make that message relatable, entertaining and memorable. 

With a Kutztown University Communication Design degree under his belt, Matt’s experience ranges from packaging agency designer to creative gun-for-hire to team leader of in-house and agency creative teams. When he’s not on a quest for the next (hopefully) great campaign idea, he’s telling very mediocre jokes to his wife, daughter and son.

"Great creative requires extensive research in knowing your audience. Once you know them, give them what they're looking for. Everything else comes second to that."