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Meet The Team

Barbara Quaglieri

Digital Marketing Manager

With a keen eye for the details, Barbara is able to dive head first into data … and identify idiosyncrasies to make clients’ digital marketing efforts ever-more effective.

Laser-focused on optimizing digital marketing performance for clients, Barbara is responsible for creating and monitoring analytics reports, drilling into all data sources and assuring digital marketing goals are perfectly aligned to business goals.

Barbara spent her last two college semesters as a public relations and social media intern for Altitude where she gained valuable knowledge about the industry by running reports and collecting the necessary analytics to drive digital marketing. Now, having earned her spot as a full-time digital marketing specialist on the team, Barbara acts as liaison between the digital marketing and PR teams.

Barbara graduated from Muhlenberg College with a degree in media and communications. When she is not spending her time on reports, analytics or digital marketing, she enjoys baking tasty treats or going to a local yoga class. She also loves traveling the world and visiting art or history museums wherever she goes.


Google Analytics Individual

I’ve found that digital marketing requires diligence and a strong attention to detail to find out what really works for each client and their goals. It’s awesome to be able to see data-driven efforts provide real results for our clients.