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Ryan Loftus

Content Marketing Coordinator

Ryan brings to Altitude a diverse educational background in English, engineering and business, and a knack for high-quality copywriting. All of which help him effectively translate our B2B clients’ complex solutions into clear, compelling messaging.

Ryan graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in English and Creative Writing – but also took classes in both engineering, business, and technology, affording him the perfect educational foundation for marketing in the B2B space.

He previously served as a freelance content writer for the team, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience working with our technology and manufacturing clients. Now, as a full-time content marketing coordinator, Ryan is responsible for executing content strategy for clients by writing SEO-driven short- and long-form blogs, social media posts, emails and website and advertising copy.

Prior to joining Team Altitude, Ryan consulted for social media, digital marketing and video production on a freelance basis. Outside of the office, you can find him in the music studio producing his own songs, on a production set making movies or at home writing stories and poems.

"Strong B2B content conveys a brand’s complex story through a clear narrative that draws readers in and guides them through the decision-making process."

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