You Need B2B People. 

And We're B2B People.

Here's why we should be your B2B marketing agency.


Here's what we do.

We're proud to be a full-service B2B marketing agency. From strategists to writers to designers to developers, we've got it in-house. Y'know ... "integration."

Outsourced Marketing Department

Some of our clients have zero people in marketing. Some have one or two. When they say "marketing," they mean Altitude. Period.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Our writers and editors are trained to get up to speed fast on even the most complex B2B topics. Can't write it? We can.

Strategy &
Lead Generation

Gotta keep your sales team busy. We create and execute high-performing lead gen strategies. Any industry, any subject matter.

Here's where you get in touch with us.

Here's who we are.

We're one of the most visible and awarded B2B marketing and ad agencies in the world. (And one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S.)

When we say "B2B," we mean it. B2B marketing is all we do. In particular, we shine in complex areas like the life sciences, clinical trials, high-tech manufacturing and enterprise software.

Web Design &

Our websites win awards and grow businesses. We'll build an awesome canvas for your brand. But it's not just design. It'll convert, too.

Digital Advertising

Want higher ranks? More eyeballs on your ads? Might as well call the guys who rank first for "B2B SEO Agency" ... and got you to click to here.

PR &
Social Media

Get the word out and keep your brand in the conversation. Having awesome content is great. But folks gotta read it, too.

Here's who we work for.

And no, this isn't everyone. We've served hundreds of clients over 17+ years.

By the way: the more complicated the better.
We get what most agencies don't.

Here's (some of) our B2B people.

When you hire Altitude, you get 27+ B2B people

We can be your entire marketing department. We can fill in gaps. We can play a purely strategic role. Whatever you need, these folks (and plenty more) have your back.

Andrew Stanten
President & CEO

Andrew Stanten

A 20+ year marketing & PR veteran, Andrew likes to say that he "hires wicked smaht people and gets out of their way." In reality, he's a world-class strategic resource for the team and our clients.

Gwen Shields
Chief Operating Officer

Gwen's genius for process improvement and problem-solving make her ideally suited to running day-to-day operations for a multi-million dollar global agency serving more than 50 clients at any given time.

Adam Smartschan
Chief Strategy Officer

Adam heads Altitude’s strategic marketing and branding efforts. An award-winning writer in a former life, he now specializes in SEO, CRO, data analytics, web accessibility and business process automation.

Laura Budraitis
VP, Client Success

Laura is responsible for all client success activities, including onboarding, strategy, account management and retention. She knows what makes an engagement successful: trust, collaboration and results.

Drew Frantzen
VP, Creative & Web

Drew is in charge of making sure that our clients set themselves apart from their competitors. He coordinates and directs a sizable creative team to develop unique visual and technical solutions.

Jeff Kotran
VP, Demand Gen

A copywriter at heart, Jeff is an adept problem-solver who leads with strategy (and persistence) in his approach to demand generation, lead generation and strategic content development.

Bob Ziltz
VP, Sales

Bob provides clients with solutions that target specific goals, challenges, and opportunities. By collaborating on the client’s behalf, he is able to position and deliver them best-in-class marketing.