Strategy & Planning

In marketing, it’s tempting to jump straight to tactics before setting a marketing strategy – create a brochure, send a press release – because it feels good to “do something” to promote your business. But if your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you.

The transformative power of marketing strategy & planning

Whether the goal is to grow your B2B company or get acquired, an Altitude integrated marketing plan has the power to transform your business and put your brand on the map. We begin with the View from 30,000 Feet, gathering intelligence to analyze your business and goals from the highest vantage point, and devising the right marketing strategy for your goals and budget.

The View from 30,000 feet – and from ground level

An Altitude marketing strategy is a complete plan. We begin with clearly identified goals and then determine the approach, process, timing, division of labor, budgets and metrics for success. Depending on your marketing needs, each integrated marketing plan covers Web development, PR/media relations/social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, thought leadership, case study and white paper writing, print and digital advertising, trade shows and more.

Should we – or shouldn’t we?

“Should we or shouldn’t we?” is a critical question. An Altitude marketing strategy gives you the framework to assess unexpected opportunities as they arise. We use data to validate experience when deciding whether or not to pursue new ideas. The result is a thoughtful, measurable cross-platform strategy – firmly rooted in research, data and insight, and supported by proven, cost-effective, sustainable tactics.

Strategy that meets the needs of the business

Too often, companies spend a great deal of time and energy creating a plan, only to have it gather dust on the shelf – while business goes on as usual around the office. Altitude marketing strategies are realistic and sustainable. It’s a fine balance between business aspirations and actual budgetary and human resource constraints. Such constraints are not negatives – they are critical parameters that guide and shape the strategy.

“Altitude takes integrated marketing to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. They delivered the right blend of strategy, integration, creativity and value to help our brand stand out in the industry.”
Bryan Reynolds, (former) Managing Partner, Sitrof Technologies (acquired by EMC Corp.) — Client since 2010