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Altitude is an integrated B2B marketing agency that leads with strategy to ensure all of your marketing efforts work together effectively.


Why B2B Companies Need to Think Integrated 

You already know this:
B2B companies require a different kind of marketing agency. A team that leads with strategy, data and insight – and follows through with compelling, results-focused execution. A partner who gets smart quickly about complex technologies, products and services – and translates them into visibility-raising brand messaging.

Our roster of technology clients is global – from Silicon Valley to Switzerland, New York to the Netherlands. We complement and supplement internal marketing teams, helping raise visibility, showcase credibility and generate qualified leads.

Trying to do more with less? Watch our short video to learn why Altitude's “View from 30,000 Feet” is the most efficient and effective way to develop a successful B2B marketing plan.

Simply put, we get tech.


Proven Success

  • Brooklyn-based mobile app developer App Partner had a strong reputation and provable competitive differentiators. What they needed was a strategy for increasing brand visibility and generating qualified leads. They chose Altitude to develop a brand elevation plan and to assist in productizing their services. Altitude worked closely with App Partner to develop a new website with more focused brand messaging, an elevated design aesthetic, and a flexible architecture to support the company’s steady evolution. Within a month of site launch, App Partner’s leads had risen dramatically and continue to climb.

    Altitude takes integrated
    marketing to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. From content and trade show strategy to special events and videos, they deliver the right blend of strategy, creativity and value.

    — Drew Johnson,
  • When Adaptik, an innovative P&C policy administration software company, was founded, the owners focused first on perfecting their product. Ten years later, Adaptik commissioned Altitude to perform a comprehensive brand rollout that included new messaging, logo, website, tradeshow presence, PR strategy and trade advertising campaign. Despite being the industry's "best-kept secret" for years, Adaptik was met at that first tradeshow by P&C professionals who said, “I’ve heard of you guys. You're everywhere!” Adaptik soon surpassed its benchmark of four RFPs annually and landed 10 in the first year.

    We needed to refine our branding
    and roll out a sophisticated multimedia campaign to stand out in a very conservative technology market. This was a difficult balancing act, and Altitude more than rose to the challenge.

    — John Pettit,
  • When Cabinet came to Altitude, it boasted an industry-leading document management software suite, a team of experts and a winning corporate personality. But it needed a full-service B2B marketing agency that could take its brand to the next level. Altitude facilitated a total rebranding, resulting in a new “look and feel” that better expressed Cabinet’s unique culture, refined the lead generation strategy and created a scalable foundation. Since launch its new website, Cabinet has seen its lead quality grow and its VAR recruitment increase significantly.

    Altitude was pivotal in rebranding
    and repositioning our company. They
    also spent a lot of time and creativity dramatically improving the support we give to our VAR network, which has had a very positive effect on new business.

    — Jon Clark,
    Vice President
  • CEWA Technologies specializes in Concentrating Solar Power technology, a reliable source of green energy for the price of today’s fossil fuel (without the crutch of subsidies). In startup mode, the owners asked Altitude Marketing to brand the company and develop demographic messaging for investors and distributors. A new website immediately established CEWA’s credibility, increased visibility, clearly differentiated their breakthrough technology, and resulted in a groundswell of potential investors and customers, enabling the company to jump from startup to solid contender.

    One of the biggest hurdles a technology startup faces is establishing credibility. Altitude understands that, and they worked closely with us to make it successful. Our new brand messaging, website and collateral have been vital in securing investors and customers.

    — Paul Eisenhuth,
    President & CEO
  • TWI is a leader in managing complex international supply chains, with a sterling reputation and a commitment to compliance and ethical practices in challenging regions. But because a significant portion of their business was in the government sector, the company faced a market diversification challenge. TWI turned to Altitude to reposition the brand to attract new leads from the private sector. With a new website as the foundation of the rebranding, Altitude helped establish TWI as a premium solution to the complex challenges of international supply chains for a number of private vertical markets.

    As we prepared to position the
    company for new markets, Altitude produced far more than just a website for us. They created the foundation for our marketing efforts moving forward. With updated brand messaging and a modern look and feel, it's a portal into every aspect of our business.

    — Jay Scoggin, Vice President
  • Silicon Valley-based Hedge Trackers provides SaaS software, analytics, consulting and outsourcing services in support of corporations’ hedge programs. The company had unparalleled expertise and a great story to tell, but its marketing message was fractured – its technology, consultants and CEO were essentially separate brands. Altitude worked closely with Hedge Trackers to increase marketing bandwidth and leverage a sterling reputation. Since the launch of a multi-platform branding campaign and a dynamic, responsive website, qualified web traffic is up 62 percent, social media is actively generating sales leads, and placements in leading publications have put Hedge Trackers on the radar of Fortune 100 companies.

    In just over a year, Team Altitude has integrated and aligned the Hedge Trackers brand with all of our efforts from securing key publication placements to elevating our website to kicking off a sustainable content marketing and social media strategy.

    — Carli Anderson,
    Senior Manager, Projects

We do great work.


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