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Meet Altitude. We’re an integrated B2B marketing agency that uses data, strategy and 20 years of experience to drive predictable results in lead generation, buyer activation and pipeline growth.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. This number does: 3.6. That’s how many years our clients stick with us on average. It’s also double the industry norm. They love working with us. You will, too.

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Full-Service B2B Marketing & Advertising

Business-to-business and life science companies need different kinds of full-service marketing agencies.

They need data-driven marketing companies that lead with real-world goals, data and insights, then follow through with compelling creative, branded content, engaging messaging and ROI-focused strategies.

They don’t just need a tech marketing agency, a web marketing agency, an advertising agency, a search marketing agency, an SEO agency, social media marketing, a B2B marketing consultant, or a technology marketing vendor. They need it all, wrapped up into one partner.

That’s Altitude. We get to know your industry and buyers, and deliver an integrated marketing and advertising mix that gets you attention and leads. It’s online marketing services with real results.

Client-centric, data-first marketing

We’re an integrated B2B marketing company that gets smart quickly about technology and complex products, then translates them into visibility-raising strategies and frameworks. Most of our expert marketing team is located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, but we serve a global clientbase in the life sciences, manufacturing and technology sectors.

B2B Marketing That Fits Your Business

Sometimes we’re the entire marketing and advertising team. Sometimes we complement internal marcom teams. Either way, we deliver marketing campaigns results for technology-oriented clients in some of the most challenging B2B markets.


Why do you need a world-class B2B marketing agency?

Clients seek out Altitude for any number of reasons. Let’s get you an answer to your marketing firm search right away.


We’ve been doing this B2B marketing thing a long time. And over 20 years, we’ve learned what works … and what doesn’t. Our integrated approach is proven to deliver ROI and grow your business.

Want to get acquired? We’ve done that (a bunch, actually).

Need to generate leads and demand? We’re on it.

Want a brand that stands the test of time? That’s us, too.

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From Foundation to Success: Altitude's Proven B2B Marketing Platform

Altitude is a trusted partner for your entire business-to-business marketing journey. Whether you’re a funded startup or an established brand looking to reach aggressive growth goals, we offer the domain expertise, real-world experience and strategic thinking you need.

Our clients enjoy world-class B2B storytelling, truly integrated campaigns and high-end marketing technology & AI marketing consulting. If you need to generate demand, drive a steady stream of leads, impress prospects and build customer lifetime value, Altitude should be your B2B marketing company of choice.

1. We start by aligning on your goals and helping set your marketing foundation. That’s your brand, your positioning, your messaging, your website and your martech stack.

2. At Altitude, strategy always comes before tactics. We’ll help you build an integrated marketing plan that fits your goals, your bandwidth and your budget.

3. We execute like a member of your team. We just happen to be 35 members of your team, with skills ranging from content marketing to graphic design, email, social media, digital advertising, trade media buying, events and more.

4. As we work the plan, we constantly optimize, analyze and report. The goal is to not just drive results, but help you show the exact ways that marketing is impacting your bottom line.


Want to work with the top B2B marketing agency?

We help business-to-business brands hit their numbers and grow. Get in touch with our marketing experts and learn why we’re the integrated agency of choice for B-to-B companies worldwide.