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The 8 Best Life Science Marketing Agencies

Looking for a science-focused marketing firm for your company? Here are the top eight life science agencies from around the world, chosen by our team of marketing experts.

Altitude Marketing: Life Science Marketing Agency
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Finding a great life science marketing option isn't easy.

Many life science marketing agencies fall into one of a few categories. There are scientists-turned-marketers, who bring plenty of bench experience, but often fall short in lead generation and branding. There are D2C branding firms, which specialize in selling drugs, biologics and devices to patients, payers and prescribers. And there are small life science marketing consultants – usually one or two people working a handful of accounts. 


There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those options. Scientists offer unquestionable value. Branding is critical to commercialization. And small shops offer attractive rates and personal attention. But when the rubber hits the road, the best life science marketing agencies offer a whole greater than the sum of their parts. Whether they’re integrated marketing agencies or specialist providers, the top scientific marketing groups deliver strategy, visibility and leads at scale. 


What follows are our picks for the top eight life science marketing agencies, including our methodology, each company’s strengths, and big-picture considerations when choosing a scientific marketing partner.

The 8 Best Life Science Marketing Agencies

Methodology: How We Picked the Best Life Science Marketing Agencies

We evaluated dozens of life science marketing agencies, ad agencies and marketing companies to build this list. Likewise, we looked at nearly a dozen individual factors, including marketing skills, life science client base, SEO and SEM footprint, marketplace reputation and brand quality. The best life sciences marketing agencies should be highly visible in marketing channels, have plenty of loyal clients, and demonstrate clear understanding of scientific subject matter. We believe this list of the best life science marketing agencies showcases the best of the best from around the scientific and biotech marketing ecosystem.

Making a decision on the best life science marketing agencies

Best Overall Life Science Marketing Agency: Altitude Marketing

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At a Glance

  • HQ: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
  • CEO: Andrew Stanten
  • Key Affiliations & Memberships: SAMPS, Life Sciences PA, ASCB, Lehigh University
  • Major Life Science Clients: WuXi AppTec, Discovery Life Sciences, Firma Clinical Research, Innovaderm, Cognivia, BRANY
  • Model: Agency of record / secondary agency / project
  • Markets Served: North America, Europe, APAC
  • Website:

Altitude is a longtime player in the life sciences marketing space. The agency – based midway between Philadelphia and New York City – has long attracted clients because of its ability to synthesize highly technical information into marketing content that engages and activates niche audiences. 

Altitude, which turns 20 years old in 2024, primarily serves the biotech, clinical trials, technology, diagnostics, laboratory equipment, consumables and manufacturing markets. The company specializes in helping vendors grow their brands to reach scientists, sponsors and large contract organizations. Altitude exclusively serves a B2B market; it does not offer D2C or RWD services.

Of particular note is Altitude’s ability to drive rapid growth and fuel M&A activity. The agency’s past clients include Schulman IRB (which became part of Advarra), Copernicus Group IRB (which became part of WCG), and Sitrof Technologies, which was acquired by Dell EMC. Altitude also features a sizable creative team, which specializes in building and refining brands and digital presences.

Altitude holds close relationships with industry trade media and editors. Internal subject matter experts include CSO Adam Smartschan, who sits on the board of SAMPS (a nonprofit educational and network organization serving sales and marketing professionals in science) and frequently speaks at industry events. PhD-level counsel is obtained through a network of expert contributors.

Best U.K. Life Science Marketing Agency: BioStrata

Google Reviews Rating

At a Glance

  • HQ: Milton, Cambridge, UK
  • CEO: Paul Avery, BSc, PhD
  • Major Life Science Clients: Aptuit, NanoImaging Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Website:

Founded in 2014, U.K. life science marketing leader BioStrata Marketing “helps connect people and technology, drives scientific discovery and makes the world a better place.” The company serves a variety of sectors within the space, including biotech, contract manufacturing, tools and reagents, clinical diagnostics, contract research and informatics/software.

BioStrata offers a wide variety of life science marketing services, including strategy, science writing, lead generation, lead nurturing and product launch support. 

Co-founder and CEO Paul Avery, BSC, PhD, hosts the well-regarded Life, Science and Marketing podcast, which features interviews with scientific marketing leaders and deep dives into marketing technology trends.

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Altitude is a key part of our team – collaborative, dedicated, strategic and insightful. They play a critical role raising awareness of our value to the market.
Michael Woods, CEO, Firma Clinical Research

Best Webflow Life Science Marketing Agency: Scaler Marketing

Scaler Marketing Screenshot

Google Reviews Rating

At a Glance

  • HQ: Swampscott, Massachusetts
  • CEO: David Nathan
  • Major Life Science Clients: Intend Health Strategies, RedShiftBio, BioDot, Icaria Life Sciences
  • Website:

Scaler Marketing has rapidly grown into a leader in Webflow web development and branding for life science companies. The Boston-area company has been recognized by DesignRush for its website work, and CEO David Nathan is a frequent content creator and thought leader on web technologies and trends. 

Scaler is regarded as friendly and easy to work with. The firm excels at integrating modern content management practices with Webflow’s user-friendly, low-code builder.

Best Private Equity-Backed Life Science Marketing Agency: CG Life

CG Life Screenshot

At a Glance

  • HQ: San Diego
  • CEO: David Ormesher
  • Major Life Science Clients: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina, Emendo Bio
  • Website:

CG Life has handled rapid growth in recent years, building upon its reputation as a solid life science and healthcare marketing choice. The agency, which has offices in San Diego, Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia, entered into a strategic and investment partnership with Shore Capital Partners in early 2023. Industry veteran David Ormesher took over as chief executive officer in late 2023.

CG Life offers a variety of strategic marketing solutions for scientific and health companies, including branding, market shaping, product launch support, audience activation and marketing analytics.

Best Departmentalized Life Science Marketing Agency: Calcium+Company

calcium screenshot

At a Glance

Longtime industry advertising and branding stalwart Calcium+Company has adopted a departmentalized growth plan, bringing together its core “brand nourishment” agency with specialty providers for medical communications, oncology and public relations. 

The New York-based company, known for its recognizable branding, has garnered more than 60 awards from major shows. In addition to NYC, Calcium has offices in Philadelphia.

Best Content Delivery Life Science Marketing Agency: AZoNetwork

Google Reviews Rating

At a Glance

The first non-traditional agency on our list, AZoNetwork offers a variety of life science marketing and lead generation solutions through a network of websites and a robust email database. The U.K.-based company, with a presence in Australia, thrives on sponsored content production, multimedia campaigns, and analytics. 

Of note is AZoNetwork’s annual “State of Scientific Marketing” report, which is well-regarded in the industry. A presentation of the 2024 report for SAMPS is available below.

Best Target Data Company: SciLeads

SciLeads Screenshot

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At a Glance

  • HQ: Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.
  • CEO: Daniel McRitchie
  • Major Life Science Clients: Waters, MilliporeSigma, Agilent, PerkinElmer
  • Website:

SciLeads has developed a unique set of solutions for filling life science marketing and sales funnels. The company’s SaaS platform allows scientific marketers to rapidly identify and reach out to researchers and decision-makers in specific research areas, geographies and funding situations. Specific use cases include webinar invitations, trade show monetization, CRM enrichment (integrated with Salesforce and HubSpot) and competitive pricing research.

Best Directory Company: Biocompare

Biocompare Screenshot

At a Glance

  • Parent Company: CompareNetworks, Inc.
  • CEO: Paul Gatti, Ph.D
  • Major Life Science Clients: Agilent, Nanotemper, The Baker Company
  • Website:

Biocompare provides a number of audience acquisition and lead generation solutions from its position as the top buyer’s guide for laboratory equipment, tools, reagents, kits, instruments, antibodies and consumables. The Biocompare directory features more than 8 million products, and the company has cultivated an active community of reviewers and content producers. Sponsored listing and content sponsorship opportunities are attractive options for brands looking to activate the platform’s robust and focused userbase.

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