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B2B Marketing Audit Service

Does your company’s marketing adhere to best practices? Are you maximizing web traffic? Are customer acquisition and demand generation trending in the right direction? If you’re not sure, you need Altitude 360 – the world’s most comprehensive B2B marketing audit service.

Altitude 360: Are you ready for the climb?

You’re not going to reach the top of the mountain without the right gear. And your business-to-business marketing efforts aren’t going to thrive if the foundation isn’t sound. That’s where the Altitude 360 B2B marketing audit service comes in. Our team of experts combines 12 sets of audits and recommendations to build a full picture of your department.

You’ll learn what’s working, what’s not and what the competition is up to. Whether you’re a CMO or Marketing VP new to the job or just want a refresh, the Altitude 360 marketing audit is for you.


Too many marketing audit as-a-service offerings are little more than a thin PowerPoint or some white label reports from Semrush or Moz. Not Altitude 360. We combine 19 years of world-class B2B agency experience, some of the top strategic minds in the game and industry-leading tech to deliver a dozen impactful marketing audits.

Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your industry, your voice, your content, your website, your SEO, your ads … it goes on like this. We package it up as 12 distinct reports, and present it to you with a total Altitude 360 marketing readiness score. You’ll know exactly where you stand … and what the path forward looks like.

B2B Marketing Audit Components

Competitor Brand Audit
Unlock an at-a-glance view of the voice and identities of your closest competitors. Our team dives deep into brand personality, messaging, positioning focus and visuals, letting you know exactly what you’re up against.
Brand Perception Study
This is a rare opportunity to gather unfiltered feedback on your brand and value proposition. Altitude’s research team interviews stakeholders – clients, former clients and industry insiders – to learn what the market really thinks about your brand, your offerings and your future.
Marketplace Message Testing
We deploy a quantitative behavioral messaging testing platform. Unlike a traditional focus group, we run fast and effective experiments to understand the mindset and preferences of a target audience, empirically, and tell us the drivers likely to generate interest, engagement – and sales.
Marketing Strategy Audit
Are you aiming at the right targets? We deploy CMO-level resources to break it all down – from team structure to tactical initiatives. Better yet, we won’t just tell you what’s right and wrong. We’ll help guide you to a better strategy moving forward.
Target Persona Development
No B2B marketer is a stranger to buyer personas. Having useful ones? That’s a different story. We’ll build real, actionable personas that do a lot more than sit on the shelf.
Website UX Audit
Every company is a UX company in the 21st Century. But do you know how users really view your website? We’ll deliver real insights into behavior patterns, wasted opportunities and potential conversion bottlenecks.
Marketing Technology Audit
ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Salesforce … martech stacks are growing faster than ever. Our team of process and technology experts will evaluate your system integrations, setup, engagement and follow-up processes
SEO Audit
SEO is a lot more than title tags and meta descriptions. We’ll deploy a unique E-A-T and UX focused methodology to determine your ranking potential – and leave you with the know-how to reach it.
Content Audit
These days, everything is content – and content is everything. We’ll go beyond the blog, looking deep into your website, your decks and even your proposals – making sure it’s on-brand, on-voice and on-point.
Advertising Audit
Ads aren’t cheap – whether they’re Google search, direct with major publishers or anything in between. We’ll take an objective eye to your accounts, helping you understand inefficiencies and chances to improve ROAS.
Social Media Audit
Think social media isn’t for B2B? Think again. You might not have a corporate TikTok account, but social is a critical part of just about any marketing mix. We’ll help you get it right.
Conversion Path Analysis
Getting users to your digital properties isn’t easy. Why are you OK with 99%+ of them leaving without converting? We’ll help you turn CRO from another acronym into a consistent driver of qualified leads.


There’s an inherent problem with internal marketing teams: They’re so close to the work. Processes, politics and legacy aren’t necessarily bad things, but they can cloud judgment, and lead to sub-optimal results. Altitude 360 is designed to break down silos and offer a ridiculously deep, unfettered view into the good, the bad and the ugly.


What is Altitude 360?

Altitude 360 is a package of 12 B2B marketing audits and studies delivered by Altitude’s world-class team. We combine experience, expertise and technology to deliver insights and game plans you simply can’t get anywhere else.

How long does a B2B marketing audit take?

A business-to-business marketing audit is about a two-month process. While you can certainly get something faster, it’s usually light or entirely automated.

What does a marketing audit cover?

Good marketing audits are comprehensive endeavors. Altitude 360 covers competitors, marketplace perception, brand voice and messaging, marketing strategy, buyer personas, website UX, marketing technology, SEO, advertising, content, social media and conversion paths.

Who is Altitude 360 for?

We build Altitude 360 with CMOs and Marketing VPs in mind – particularly those new to their jobs, or taking a hard look at existing processes. Information voids are the enemy. We make them go away.

What does an Altitude 360 marketing audit cost?

Our team needs to take a look at your needs before creating a custom quote.

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