Calculate Your Marketing Agency’s Value With This Tool

Kit Fox

When you’re deciding to hire a marketing agency, there’s one crucial question you need to ask: What value are you bringing me?

You might get a squishy answer: We build beautiful websites. Our videos go viral. More people will recognize your brand. Your guard should be up when any agency responds with examples that aren’t measurable. You’re investing real dollars. They need to prove their value by multiplying those dollars in the form of actual growth. Metrics like: website traffic, new leads, increased conversion rate, or boosted contract values.

In the B2B world, when sales cycles last months (or years) and a single new contract could mean flourishing growth, placing an actual number on your agency’s value is even more critical. You need to know if you’re wasting money, or if your agency is delivering on its promise.

Fortunately, with a bit of prep, you can actually find out exactly how much your current agency is worth. We’ve made it easy with the tool below.

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Before You Begin, Learn These Terms

Dig into you previous year’s results and have the following handy:

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): This is the total number of leads you acquired through your existing marketing efforts: From forms filled out on the website to organic or paid social strategies to trade show efforts and beyond. If a lead entered your sales funnel, total it here.

Annual Number of Sales Closed: Of those leads, how many signed a contract with you?

Average Contract Value: Divide your annual revenue by the total number of closed sales above.

Agency-Sourced MQLs: The number of leads attributed directly to the agency’s marketing efforts.

Agency Cost: The annual amount you are spending with your agency.

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Kit Fox

Kit Fox is Altitude’s lead internal brand storyteller and content creator. Before joining Altitude in 2024, Kit spent a decade in the publishing industry, where he served as an editor for, Runner’s World. Men's health, and Men’s Journal, special projects director for Hearst Magazines, and director of membership for Lehigh Valley Public Media. He is the co-author of “Mighty Moe: The True Story of a Thirteen-Year-Old Running Revolutionary.”