B2B Marketing Case Studies

Altitude is a full-service B2B marketing agency specializing in helping clients in high-tech and niche markets drive leads, grow and realize their exit goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients over our 15 years in business. Here are case studies, including examples of successful content marketing, public relations, advertising, product marketing and social media efforts.

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Turning a Small Manufacturer into a Big-Time Player

“Altitude had the tools we needed to move from vision to reality.”

Going from Mobile Games to Serving Global Brands

“Thinking back to where we were when we started working with Altitude, it’s night and day.”

Doubling a FinTech SaaS Install Base

Hedge Trackers

“Altitude got us visibility in the marketplace and helped us expand beyond Silicon Valley.”

Getting Noticed ... and Getting Acquired

“There wasn’t a challenge that we put in front of them that they couldn’t handle.”