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AI-Powered B2B Marketing Agency

Automation. Attribution. Ideation. Altitude works faster and smarter because we’re AI marketing experts. From ChatGPT 4 to Zapier and beyond, we use the latest tech to help you scale your marketing efforts, instantly understand your ROI, and reach your goals faster than the competition.

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In 2024, you don't want an agency that knows AI.
You need it.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized B2B marketing. It hasn’t replaced the human touch, but top business-to-business marketing agencies are employing personalized marketing strategies, predictive analytics, efficient customer segmentation and process automation.

AI tools help in analyzing large data sets for insights, automating repetitive tasks and optimizing campaigns for better engagement, ROI and ROAS. This results in more targeted, effective and data-driven marketing solutions for clients.

AI @ Altitude: Why We're the Best AI-Powered B2B Marketing Agency

At Altitude, clients are our business. We drive leads, build their brands, grow their companies and help them reach their goals. Our team of 35 in-house B2B marketing experts does that with personal attention, accountability and transparency.

AI helps us scale that work. We’re not replacing writers with ChatGPT; understanding the life sciences, manufacturing and technology spaces requires a (really smart) human. Instead, we deploy automation, machine learning and generative AI to remove manual busy work, rapidly analyze massive data sets, and reduce unnecessary cycles. The result? Our clients get more for their marketing investment. That’s part of why clients stay with us for 3.6 years on average – more than double the industry average.

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We love Altitude; one of the best decisions we made. They have helped us grow us over 200% through digital marketing and online presence.
Lydia Zelle, Chemical Concepts

How We Deploy AI Every Day

CRM Automation

We automatically enrich and route thousands of client leads from forms, calls and third-party platforms into CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign. Our clients never lift a finger.

Data Analysis

Machine learning and AI models let us "converse" with massive data sets. This empowers our team to understand our clients' buyers, optimize advertising campaign flight dates and networks, and more.

Content Creation

Tools like ChatGPT 4 and Jasper give our content team a leg up in the creation of highly technical marketing content. There's always a human touch, but generative AI lets us produce quality work 30% faster.

Why Would a Marketing Agency Need to Use Artificial Intelligence?

A marketing agency like Altitude needs artificial intelligence to deliver more effective and efficient marketing strategies to its clients. AI technologies allow for the identification of emerging market trends, understanding of customer behavior and personalizing of marketing messages at scale. By leveraging AI, agencies can create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with individual preferences and behaviors, significantly increasing the likelihood of engaging potential clients and improving conversion rates.

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