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Industry-Specific B2B Marketing

We have deep experience in a variety of highly technical industries. From med device to manufacturing, IT to insurtech, if it’s complex, we’ve got you covered.

Life Sciences

We serve firms in and around the clinical trials, life sciences, pharmacovigilance, biotechnology and healthcare technology spaces. Our clients include IRBs, CROs, hardware and software providers, manufacturers, and more.


Setting yourself apart as in the crowded, hypercompetitive world of IT is beyond difficult. That’s why leading developers, consultants and service providers consistently turn to our team of experts.


Whether you’re a family-owned fabricator or a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, we’ve worked with someone like you. We build and execute marketing strategies that drive demand and leads for OEMs, contract manufacturers, and more.


Distributors serving niche industries are one of our specialties. From industrial adhesives to door hardware – yes, it’s complex – we drive growth in both the channel and direct sales.


eDiscovery. Contract management. Case management. Process automation. Our clients include some of the most promising and successful legal technology vendors in the industry.

Financial Services

Our clients serve treasury, accounting and finance departments at some of the world’s most recognizable brands. From consulting to outsourcing, we speak finserv.


Looking to make a splash in the $128 billion (and growing!) fintech market? Our experience can help you get there.


Competition in the B2B software is fierce – and it’s only getting worse. We’re the secret weapon for SaaS and on-prem vendors worldwide.


We give you the tools you need to give back. Build a memorable brand, increase giving and make a mark on your mission.


Altitude clients drive success for national carriers, brokers, distributors and more. From COLI/BOLI to inland marine, we’ve seen – and helped grow – it all.


The pandemic accelerated commercial real estate’s adoption of technology. Our clients are leading the way.