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Manufacturing Marketing Agency

Meet Altitude.

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We’re the B2B agency manufacturing leaders turn to when they need engaging marketing that drives demand and leads.

Our clients include OEMs and contract manufacturers. We serve manufacturers of innovative beauty products, adhesives, technology, energy, chemicals, textiles, construction materials testing equipment, audio and video cables, building materials, RFID tags and so much more.

If your manufacturing company is trying to propel in front of the competition and make your mark in your industry, Altitude should be your next call.


Manufacturers are in a tough position because they can no longer rely on the marketing tactics of old to make an impact in today’s marketplace.

When it comes to generating interest for their products, manufacturers have unique challenges: higher price points, longer buying cycles and complex approvals. And in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, relying on referrals and the sales department to drive leads is no longer an option.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are leveraging various inbound and integrated marketing efforts – branding, social media, search engine optimization and more – to propel themselves in front of the competition and make their mark in the industry.

For manufacturers, this is particularly tricky because they need to meet the demands of diverse audiences, from engineers and product developers to sales professionals and brand experts.


Altitude has the vantage point to accommodate all your manufacturing marketing needs. As a manufacturing marketing agency with vast experience, we have the necessary knowledge to help B2B companies stake their claim to the marketplace with compelling content, next-level graphic design and ingenious digital marketing.

No matter what you manufacture, trust Altitude to take your business to new heights.


We’re an integrated B2B agency specializing in the needs of manufacturers. We work with everyone, from family-owned businesses to multi-billion dollar conglomerates. No matter what you manufacture, trust Altitude to take your business to new heights. Our clients are visionaries, and we help them:

  • Develop and execute sustainable, measurable manufacturing marketing strategies
  • Understand their biggest manufacturing competitors and decision-makers
  • Grow their business in new ways
  • Increase brand awareness and inbound leads
  • Get acquired by trailblazers like HID Global and Alphia, or help transition your business into a second-generation powerhouse

Don’t Take
Our Word For It.

Meet Ken Horton.

We helped him transform Vizinex into a bigger, bolder brand with our polish and professionalism. By elevating the company’s brand to the next level, Vizinex was able to stand out in the RFID design and manufacturing space. Soon after, Vinizex was acquired by HID Global, whose products are used by millions of people in over 100 countries every day.

When Ken needed an experienced B2B manufacturing marketing agency to boost his brand, who did he count on?

Altitude, of course.

“Vizinex has been in business for about six years. And our compounded annual growth rate has been about 25%. Since our founding, our workforce has grown 150%. Small, high-tech companies that are looking to build a brand need a diverse set of skills in order to do that. Altitude is an ideal partner for those sorts of businesses because they bring that set of skills to the party and can help those companies build the brands that they want to build.”

Ken Horton, CEO, Vizinex

Manufacturing Marketing Resources

At Altitude, we know a thing or two about marketing for manufacturers.
Check out some of our resources below to stay up-to-date on the latest manufacturing marketing tips and trends.

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Notable Manufacturing Clients

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Our Core Manufacturing Team

Manufacturing marketing agency team: Adam Smartschan
Adam Smartschan, CSO
Manufacturing marketing agency team: Drew Frantzen
Drew Frantzen, VP, Creative & Web
Manufacturing marketing agency team: Jeff Kotran
Jeff Kotran, VP, Demand Generation
Manufacturing marketing agency team: Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez, Director, Client Operations
Manufacturing marketing agency team: Claire Brucher
Claire Brucher, Manager, Content Marketing
Manufacturing marketing agency team: Ziera Soda
Ziera Soda, Social Media Coordinator

Let’s Do This.

We help B2B manufacturing businesses achieve their goals. Get in touch with our marketing experts and learn why we’re the integrated agency of choice for B2B companies worldwide.