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Altitude Marketing a top-tier B2B lead generation agency based in the U.S., specializing in innovative strategies to drive quality leads for tech-focused businesses. As a leading marketing agency, we excel in driving the MQLs and SQLs that make your sales team go “wow.”

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ZefSci saw a massive pipeline increase with Altitude’s lead generation services.

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Chemical Concepts saw their B2B game change with Altitude.

We generate and engage qualified leads for your business.

Altitude’s B2B lead generation services will help win you clients. Our model is simple: We develop the brand and strategy necessary to drive a predictable stream of inbound MQLs and SQLs. You focus on running – and scaling – your business.

We make B2B lead generation easy.

Altitude is a top, experienced lead gen agency that provides turnkey marketing solutions to help you engage, nurture and convert your ideal prospects. We diversify our efforts with digital advertising, content, SEO, email marketing, ABM and industry-specific outreach. We test, tune and optimize every step of the funnel. And we help you automate processes and tune your CRM to ensure timely follow-up that doesn’t stress your sales team.

If B2B inbound leads matter to your company, trust the agency that’s delivered them for more than 20 years. Start your lead generation journey by contacting us or calling 610-421-8601 x122 today!

There are many B2B lead generation agencies. But only a few great ones.

Generating a sustainable funnel of B2B leads is one of the most difficult things a business can do. It’s one thing to bring a few names in the door at a trade show or conference, or to hire a cold calling company to work your database. Both will get results in the short term; neither will drive ROI in the long run.

Then there’s Altitude. We’re an integrated B2B marketing agency with a proven track record of delivering marketing ROI, high-quality reporting and analytics, and lead acquisition programs that get results. Say goodbye to the vanity metrics runaround and status calls about how “things will work … soon.” Say hello to first-page SEO results, digital advertising ROAS and the pipeline you need to drive predictable growth.

We love Altitude; one of the best decisions we made. They have helped us grow us over 200% through digital marketing and online presence.

Lydia Zelle Chemical Concepts

Lead Gen Strategies That Get Results

Altitude is one of the most experienced B2B lead gen agencies in the world. Over 20 years, we’ve driven more than 60,000 SQLs for companies in the life sciences, manufacturing and technology sectors. Our unique mix of talent and technology, coupled with pricing that works for nearly any size company, can do the same for you.

Increase in quality leads
0 %

ZefSci saw a massive pipeline increase with Altitude’s lead generation services.

revenue growth
0 %

Chemical Concepts saw their B2B game change with Altitude on the team.

Lead Generation Agency FAQs

Founded in 2004, Altitude Marketing is the premier B2B lead generation agency serving technical clients across the globe. Our roster of clients includes household names in the life sciences, manufacturing, enterprise software, SaaS and other highly complex industries.

Our team of 35 marketing professionals is based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, just outside New York City and Philadelphia. All are full-time, W2 employees – we’re a real team, not a virtual agency of freelancers and Upwork talent. That means you get a dedicated, cross-functional account team entirely devoted to your success.

A lead generation agency, like Altitude, specializes in identifying and cultivating potential clients and buyers for businesses’ products or services. These agencies employ various marketing strategies and tools to attract interested users and collect information to build a list of prospects that can be targeted for future sales efforts. The goal is to create a funnel of qualified leads that can be converted into paying clients.

Lead generation agencies often use digital marketing tactics, such as email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising campaigns, to reach and engage with potential leads. They are particularly valuable for businesses looking to expand their customer base, but who lack the internal resources or expertise to effectively generate leads on their own.

Lead generation agency efficacy varies greatly. In general, we measure lead generation results based on ROI. A lead’s value can be calculated based on close rate and customer lifetime value. You should expect that a B2B lead generation agency will drive more in potential lead value than their professional services cost plus media fees.

A B2B lead generation company employs strategies to identify potential business clients for your services or products. Through digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and social media campaigns, they attract and qualify leads before handing them over to your sales team for conversion.

Lead generation companies make money through various business models. Integrated lead gen agencies, like Altitude, typically work on a retainer model, in which a client “reserves” a certain number of professional services hours each month. This is the most sustainable model, as it ensures a full suite of efforts and a focus on client satisfaction – renewal business only “works” for an agency if it gets results.

Beware of lead generation companies that work exclusively on a cost-per-lead basis. This incentivizes them to maximum quantity without regard for quality. 

Pricing structures often depend on the lead’s quality, the industry’s competitive landscape, and the complexity of the lead generation process for a particular niche.

No. While cold calling is often part of a B2B lead gen mix, it’s not the only way a lead generation agency can work. In fact, we’ve seen the efficacy of cold calling degrade as more and more buyers avoid picking up unknown numbers or replying to unsolicited emails. There’s simply too much spam out there these days.

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