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B2B SEO Agency

Altitude is a globally recognized B2B SEO agency that drives website traffic, conversions and revenue. We believe that SEO can position you as an authority in the market and drive your most qualified leads. And we’ve spent 20 years building the methodologies and processes you need to make Google’s algorithm absolutely love you.

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What makes Altitude the best B2B SEO agency in the world?

Our content-driven methodology drives cost-effective, sustainable results for B2B companies in the life sciences, manufacturing, technology and software.


We’ve spent 20 years proving that incorporating search engine optimization into your business-to-business marketing strategy can drive leads and grow your business. We specialize in making companies more visible to the right prospects, 24/7/365. With Altitude as your search marketing agency, they’ll find you when they search.

Our B2B SEO process is proven to get results.

If you run a business-to-business company, you’ve almost certainly gotten the emails and contact form submissions from search marketing companies.

  • “There’s a problem with your website!”
  • “We can triple your traffic overnight!”

Fly-by-night SEO agencies love to make all kinds of promises. Some can even deliver you traffic. But at the end of the day, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Our B2B SEO process is different. It’s based around one very simple – but very tough to execute – philosophy: The only way to “win” SEO in a long-lasting way is to create and deliver the best content in the world for your visitors. That’s why we only hire the best writers and content producers, and pair them with real-world thought leaders and innovative technology.

We then create detailed content maps to make sure we’re answering all their questions.

We start with in-depth buyer personas that tell us exactly who we’re talking to.

Once we have a strategy in place, we produce high-quality written, video and infographic content rapidly.

As we’re working, we monitor results day-by-day and keyword-by-keyword, and optimize constantly.

That probably doesn’t sound like most B2B SEO firms. And that’s on purpose.

We’re not going to spend your time and dollars spewing jargon and showing you vanity metrics. Our only focus is getting you as many of the right clicks as possible as fast as possible. That means combining expert knowledge of the Helpful Content algorithm with world-class content production, technical oversight and white-hat link-building strategies

We don’t just want your website to be “SEO-friendly.” We want to turn your brand into an online expertise, experience, authority and trust powerhouse that dominates for years to come. 

Some of Our SEO Expertise & Authority

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Ready to work with a better kind of B2B search agency? Altitude uses proven methodologies to build your search share, drive traffic and turn it into conversions. Fill out the contact form and one of our experts will be in touch with you within one business day.

We love Altitude; one of the best decisions we made. They have helped us grow us over 200% through digital marketing and online presence.
Lydia Zelle, Chemical Concepts

Our B2B SEO Specialties

Keyword Research

Every successful SEO campaign starts with research. But anyone can run a Semrush or Moz report. We learn all about your business, and gain expert knowledge of your industry and your buyers. That lets us pick the right keywords for the right traffic.

Technical SEO

Our world-class technical SEO toolset lets us identify and fix issues that might be holding you back. We use Google-approved best practices and expert strategies to keep your site compliant with Core Web Vitals and high-performing at a granular level.

Link Building

Off-page SEO is just as important as on-page optimization. We never buy links. Rather, we help you produce the kind of user-friendly content that partners can't help but link to. White-hat link building is critical, and we excel at it.

How we use long-tail SEO & E-E-A-T to fuel SERP success.

Our SEO practice is built on the industry-accepted “long-tail” methodology. Basically, we start with your dream keyword – that’s the “head.” It’s probably pretty general (ours is “marketing agency”) and has a lot of search volume.

Problem is, you probably can’t have your dream keyword … yet. You don’t have the authority or the content or the backlinks to do it.

So we work our way down. “Body” keywords are still relatively popular, but more specific than head keywords. And finally there are “long-tail” keywords. These are hyper-specific queries and questions that your audience has.

If we answer enough questions and give enough valuable information to your audience, you’ll eventually build up the reputation (Google calls this E-E-A-T) to be treated as a trusted source for body and head keywords. Once you’re a trusted source, Google will send you traffic regularly.

That’s an SEO win, folks. It’s not a result of a short-term fix meant to trick Google, nor is it going to go away the second an algorithm update happens. It’s hard work yielding long-term results and ROI.

Here are some examples of helpful long-tail content we’ve produced for ourselves. These articles (among many others) are the reason you found this page in the first place.

They rank on Page 1 of Google for the kinds of questions our prospects have, and they’ve shown that we know our stuff. (Some are even in Google’s coveted Position Zero, which is above all over search results – even the No. 1 slot. We can do the same thing for you.)

Helpful Long-Tail SEO Content

What does sustainable SEO success look like?

Our analytics team takes a holistic view of your search engine footprint. It’s not enough to say how many organic clicks you got, or how many keywords you rank for.

Instead, we need to look at how your site is ranking for the search intent of the users you want. That means diving deep into data sources like Google Search Console and our own SEO analytics platform to see how users are behaving before they even hit your site.

Example of sustained SEO success

You’ll hear us talk a lot about impressions, search intent, organic CTR and guest blogging opportunities. Basically, it’s our job to look beyond the numbers and help you figure out – and execute – a plan that will succeed for years to come. We won’t just get you traffic. We’ll transform your online presence and dominate the competition.

Why you should beware of cheap B2B SEO service providers

Beware of low-cost, fly-by-night providers offering to “SEO” your site for a few hundred bucks. They might give you some ephemeral results, but you’ll suffer from Google algorithm penalties and manual actions, and a poor user experience in the long run.

Really, all cheap search marketing companies do is try to trick the search engines. Obviously, this isn’t sustainable.

Established B2B SEO agencies like Altitude work on retainer agreements. That means a defined scope of work each month for a flat fee. For the agency, that means defined marching orders and clear goals. For you, the client, it means knowing what to expect and a known budget item.

SEO isn’t always fast. It’s a long-term play. But given the time and respect it deserves, it can transform your business.

What does B2B search engine optimization cost?

It’s hard to say exactly what an SEO engagement costs, since every client is unique. But Altitude is a world-class business-to-business search engine optimization company that delivers:

Our proven methodology isn’t a quick fix like some offer. It won’t be $500/month. We turn your brand into a content machine, pumping out answers to questions and making you the No. 1 source of information when a prospect needs help

Free Instant Website Audit

We know a thing or two about B2B websites. That’s why we built our 19-point website audit tool. It’s designed to instantly identify opportunities for growth and optimization. Just give us your details, and a full report will land in your inbox in about 5 minutes.