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We’re a B2B SaaS marketing agency that helps you build a comprehensive strategystand out from the competition, and grow your software business.

Altitude is a B2B-only agency providing cutting-edge marketing services for SaaS companies across the world.

Altitude’s enterprise software-as-a-service clients include some of most innovative companies in the space. Our job is to help them create killer content, get the message out, drive leads, and close deals.

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Strategic Marketing for B2B SaaS Companies

What are the most effective SaaS marketing tactics? How do you generate new customers? What do you need to do to grow MRR and ARR?

Altitude’s secret sauce is simple. We combine high-impact branding with MRR-driving lead generation programs driven by content and smart advertising. The results are exactly what you want from marketing your technology company:

  • Universal awareness and market demand from your ICPs
  • Better understanding of your competitive set and buyers
  • Demand generation and qualified leads to fuel rapid growth
  • Sustainable pipeline growth
  • Impactful marketing technology integrations and implementations
  • Process automation to free up valuable staff time
  • New product launches that move the needle quickly
  • Lucrative exits for founders and other stakeholders

We’re here to help you tell the story of your business and your software product. With our help, you’ll be able to articulate what you do, what problems you solve, and why you do it better than the competition. Then we put that positioning and messaging to work, helping you reach more buyers than you ever thought possible.

Our team of 30+ full-time employees covers every aspect of B2B SaaS marketing. We offer every marketing and brand-building service you need, including:

It’s simple. We specialize in branding, content and high-ROI online marketing campaigns. We help you drive leads, demos, SQLs and PQLs through innovative digital marketing strategies. That means revenue and user growth, which drives investment, valuation and exit events. If you want a goal-oriented, onshore marketing team dedicated to growing recurring revenue, Altitude is the B2B SaaS marketing agency for you.

Altitude Marketing at a Glance

Where is Altitude Marketing located?

Most of our 30 full-time employees are based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, midway between Philadelphia and New York City.

How long has Altitude been in business?

Altitude was founded in 2004. Over nearly two decades in business, we’ve helped dozens of SaaS vendors reach their business goals.

What clients work best with Altitude?

Altitude can be a company’s entire marketing department, or a specialized resource for a small marketing team. Our SaaS clients have highly engaged decision-makers and appreciate candid feedback, insights and strategy to keep up with SaaS marketing trends.

Who are Altitude’s SaaS clients?

Our SaaS portfolio includes Lightspin (graph-based cloud security threat mitigation), SoundThinking (formerly ShotSpotter / CrimeCenter Software), GTreasury (fintech software), Golf Genius (country club and golf course management), and many more. Perhaps most important, our work has helped nearly a dozen companies realize their acquisition goals; these include Hedge Trackers (acquired by GTreasury), Adaptik (acquired by Sapiens) and CrimeCenter (acquired by SoundThinking).

Does Altitude work with global clients?

Our client base spans the globe, with companies headquartered across the United States, in Europe and in China. Our capabilities allow us to drive inquiries, demos, leads and demand anywhere.

Can Altitude provide content for technical SaaS companies?

Absolutely. Our team of writers is trained to produce accurate, actionable content. Candidly, we don’t write technical documentation, nor white papers. Rather, we create highly credible, attention-grabbing posts, web pages, guides and ads that generate visibility and drive leads.

What SaaS marketing services does Altitude provide?

Altitude offers a full suite of integrated marketing services for the software-as-a-service category. Our team delivers marketing strategy, market research, content marketing, SEO on-page optimization, technical audits, conversion rate optimization, digital marketing, web development, graphic design and social media management.

What software does Altitude use to help SaaS companies?

We’re a full-stack, vendor-agnostic SaaS digital marketing agency. That means we’ve used just about everything on behalf of our clients. Specific software packages include Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Ads, Hootsuite, Crazy Egg, and any more.

SaaS Marketing Case Study

Doubling a Fintech SaaS Install Base

Hedge Trackers had all the ingredients for success. The San Jose-based corporate hedge program experts had a smart and talented team, and their offerings met a distinct market need. All they needed was an integrated marketing program to hone their message, create demand and drive leads for their CapellaFX software product. Altitude helped the software company establish an inbound lead funnel, create fresh demand, and build an acquisition-worthy customer base.

“Working with Altitude Marketing, they were able to give us more of a cohesive look, branding, enhance our website, and highlight different technical members of the team by publishing blogs under their names. We went from publishing one or two blogs a year to a steady stream – not only online but to CFO MagazineThe Wall Street Journal and other publications. We’re very excited about the degree of exposure that we’ve received in working with Altitude.”

Helen Kane, Founder & CEO, Hedge Trackers


“Been working with Altitude for years. They have a great and hard working team that’s delivered real results for my business. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Drew Johnson
Co-CEO, App Partner

“I have worked with this team for several years and have always found them to exceed expectations. They will bring new ideas and perspective to the table and know how to get things done.”

Jon Clark
Director of Business Development, Mobular Technologies

“A full service B2B marketing agency for anything your company needs. Their account reps are upbeat and responsive to make your job easier. 10/10 would recommend.”

Jen Kapalin
Marketing Manager,
Chromaflo Technologies

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