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Zapier Consulting

Every business has manual workflows. Marketing, sales, operations, HR – every department is full of them. What if we told you that you could automate just about any business process? It’s true.

Our Zapier Consultants are Here to Help.

Zapier is the web’s leading third-party automation tool. Do something in one app, and it will trigger an action in another.

Simple, right? Well … kind of.

Powerful as Zapier is – and it is powerful – most non-technical teams don’t have much expertise using it. Simple “zaps” (that’s what Zapier calls its automations) are one thing. But when things get complex, it’s easy to spend hours or days fine tuning things.
Kinda defeats the purpose of “automation,” no?

That’s where our Zapier consulting practice comes in.

Altitude has a team of trained Zapier experts in-house and ready to automate your business. We’re not just another agency that uses Zapier. We’re on a first-name basis with their team. We’ve been through their certification program. And we’ve built some pretty amazing stuff out of zaps.

(Ever build your own CRM or marketing automation platform from scratch? We have.)

What Is Zapier?

Think of Zapier like a universal API for web applications. Basically, if something happens in one app, it tells another to do something.

But Zapier is a lot more than traditional “middleware.”

With the right person building your zaps, Zapier isn’t just a data delivery service. It can transform data. It can combine data from multiple apps. Basically, it can automate any repetitive workflow.

Yes, any.

If you have manual tasks in marketing, sales, operations, HR or any other department, chances are we can automate them. Let’s talk.

What Apps Does Zapier Work With?

Zapier is compatible with more than 2,000 web apps, including pretty much every popular tool on the market. In particular, we build a ton of automations with:

The long and short of it: If you’re copying and pasting information to and from different web apps, you can save time and effort with Zapier. (Heck, you can even automate processes within a web app.)
A typical business using Zapier saves around 20 hours per week by removing wasteful manual processes. At 2.5 million users … that’s a lot of hours.

What Can You Do With Zapier?

There is no limit to what you can automate with Zapier. But common use cases include:

You can have fun with it, too. Want to notify your team via Slack whenever the local brewery announces a new beer? No sweat. Need to remind the guy with the Jeep to close his roof when it’s going to rain? A Zapier consultant can do that.
Basically, if things always happen in a specific order, Zapier can do them for you. And it’s not just two steps, either. “Multi-step zaps” let you build complex, branching workflows to automate just about any business process.

Why Use a Zapier Consultant?

Sure, you could use Zapier yourself. It’s meant to be easy, after all. That’s the whole point!

But most teams don’t have the time, the expertise (yes, there’s a learning curve) or the process automation experience to get the most out of Zapier.

What’s an hour of your time worth? And we’re not just talking about building zaps – we’re talking about how much more a Zapier expert can automate than someone using the tool for the first time.

Here at Altitude, Zapier consulting is an in-depth process. There’s no “plug-and-play” solution. Instead, we spend time understanding your business and your challenges,
then go to work crafting automations that will make your life easier. If you can dream it, we can do it. (And most of the time, we can do it without you even having to dream it.)

Get in touch with our Zapier consulting team and tell us your problems. Marketing, sales, operations, HR … we’ve worked in it all, and we can build something amazing for you.

We despise manual workflows. You should, too. We’d love to make yours go away.

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