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Looking for the top integrated B2B agency? Need experience working with life science, technology and software companies? Want an agency that can help reach targets in even the most niche markets?

That’s us!

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Why Should I Get in Touch with Altitude?

Altitude is an integrated B2B marketing agency that works primarily with clients focused on the life sciences, technology, enterprise software, SaaS, or niche markets. Since 2004, we’ve helped companies in fields from biotech to financial software, eDiscovery and private label manufacturing realize their lead generation and growth goals.

We’re located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, in the beautiful Lehigh Valley. We’re just outside Allentown, a little more than an hour from New York City and Philadephia, and within easy driving distance of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Boston and Pittsburgh. Location aside, our clientbase is global – we work with B2B firms from Silicon Valley to Switzerland.


Founded in 2004, Altitude Marketing is the premier integrated marketing agency serving B2B clients across the globe. Our roster of clients includes household names in the life sciences, manufacturing, enterprise software, SaaS and other highly technical industries.

Our team of 35 marketing professionals is based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, just outside New York City and Philadelphia.


We employ 35 full-time team members (all based in our Emmaus, Pennsylvania HQ), along with more than a dozen on-demand contract workers worldwide. Our team is built to scale with our clients’ needs. We deploy dedicated account teams for every client, with experts assigned based on industry and need. These teams – led by our partners – are designed to stay as consistent as possible throughout the engagement.  

We’re extremely proud of our client retention. Our average retainer client stays with us 3.6 years – more than double the industry average. And when they leave, it’s almost never because we got fired. In most cases, they’ve reached their exit goal of merger or acquisition, or simply grown enough to need to bring marketing entirely in-house.

Our ideal client:

  • Is a B2B company (we do B2C or D2C work on rare occasions)
  • Works in a technical industry (particularly the life sciences, manufacturing or enterprise software)
  • Has a small marketing team or a distinct need (e.g., marketing automation consulting or content production)
  • Values candid counsel
  • Can comfortably support a monthly budget of $6,000 or more

Obviously, that covers a lot of ground. Our clients include massive global brands like HID and WuXi AppTec, as well as well-funded startups and growth-stage technology companies, as well as everything in-between.

Altitude does not accept unsolicited guest posts. Your request will not be considered if you send it through this or any other contact form. We’re open to collaborations and partnerships, but we will not post your content nor link based on a form submission. We get enough spam; you don’t need to be part of the problem.

Altitude will never buy a backlink or backlink package based on a form submission or email.

We’ve heard of contact form spam “lead generation” services. They don’t work with our business model nor our clients’ ICPs, and we will not consider working with such companies.