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B2B Social Media Agency

We’re a B2B social media agency that specializes in using social networks to target the right prospects, drive engagement, create website traffic and generate leads.

Altitude Marketing’s B2B social media experts strategically use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube to build brands, connect with influencers and advance business goals. We get smart about your industry, identify the players, make the right connections and produce a stream of engaging content that gets people talking. No two engagements are exactly alike, but the goal is always the same: getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Proven B2B Social Media Best Practices

Our team relies on a time-tested strategic playbook to craft and execute customized social media strategies. Every engagement begins with a comprehensive audit of existing social networking efforts. Once this is complete, our team works to ensure all aspects conform to best practices. These factors include:

The result? Our clients have mature, professional and highly visible social media accounts working for them within weeks. Of course, it’s not enough to simply have social media accounts. They need to be utilized actively. That means highlighting industry news, promoting content and engaging with the right individuals. Our team specializes in handling clients’ social media presence on their behalf, writing and scheduling posts at scale with minimal client time invested. It’s like having an engagement machine working on your behalf, 24/7.

A Paid & Organic B2B Social Media Agency

Here at Altitude, it’s not just about generating B2B social media content to “make posts.” We use both organic and paid options to help clients reach their goals.
Here are some examples:

Done according to best practices, B2B social media marketing is powerful. We make sure the networks give your company the visibility boost, engagement and leads you deserve.

Let's Do This.

We help leading business-to-business brands hit their marketing goals. Get in touch to learn what Altitude Marketing can do for your B2B company.