Altitude Brands Wren Sound Systems, Builds New Website

Altitude Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Wren Sound Systems, a designer of beautiful, high-performance wireless speakers for smartphones, tablets and computers. The site launch brings to life the Wren Sound Systems brand, which Altitude defined and articulated throughout a several months-long research and discovery process.

Altitude Marketing – A trusted partner to Wren Sound Systems

Wren’s website,, provides an overview of the company and its three models of sound systems, each of which offers superior craftsmanship and is constructed from real wood with natural bamboo or rosewood veneers. The site also provides design and construction specifications for each speaker model, a custom photo gallery with images photographed by Altitude, side-by-side model comparisons and a link that allows users to order their Wren.

“We are extremely pleased with the new site for Wren Sound System,” said Stan Zukowski, vice president, creative services at Altitude. “Because Wren is dedicated to combining cutting-edge technology, old school materials and quality in creating their stunningly attractive systems, we needed to follow that direction and reflect it in their brand and throughout the site. This is hands-down one of the most beautiful, streamlined sites we’ve delivered. It’s the ideal platform for Wren’s direct-to-consumer business model.”

Learn more about Wren Sound System here: For more information about Altitude Marketing at

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About Wren Sound Systems

Wren Sound Systems creates high-performance wireless speakers for smartphones, tablets and computers. The Phoenixville, Pa., company was founded in 2011 by a 35-year veteran of the audio industry, Mike Giffin, who spent 22 years at Harman International serving in a variety of leadership positions. Wren Sound Systems is dedicated to combining cutting-edge technology, old school materials and build quality, and classic audio know-how to deliver beautiful, affordable sound systems to music lovers who have a passion for simplicity, quality and great design. Wren’s exclusively direct-to-consumer sales model eliminates retail markup, allowing the company to use the best materials and internal components available while maintaining wallet-friendly prices.

To learn more or browse the Wren Store, visit