Altitude Congratulates VetLIVE on Website Launch

VetLIVE screenshot

Bethlehem veterinarians Drs. Jed and Laci Schaible have launched a website, with Altitude’s assistance, that allows pet owners to ask questions, get a second opinion or chat live with a vet.

VetLIVE offers pet owners round the clock veterinary advice over the internet from licensed veterinarians — delivering a new standard in pet care. Altitude Marketing helped with marketing, consulting and the design of VetLIVE’s new website.

“The information architecture and user interface of the VetLIVE website were designed to create a welcoming community for pet owners seeking answers to their questions as well as to highlight the expertise and professionalism of the VetLIVE staff,” said Dave Sabol, Altitude’s Director of Technology and Social Media.

VetLIVE selects accredited veterinarians with active licenses that are reviewed and rated by pet owners to chat on the website. Visitors to the site can ask a question, upload photos or medical documents, chat live with a licensed veterinarian, receive a second opinion, obtain nutritional counseling, and much more.

Click here to visit VetLIVE.