Altitude Designs New Website for Ben Franklin Technology Partners SEP

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA

Altitude has unveiled its most recent web development project for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA (BFTP/SEP).

Altitude Marketing and Ben Franklin Technology Partners have a longstanding professional relationship, and it continues to flourish with the new Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP) website. Altitude also spearheaded the designs of BFTP’s Pennsylvania a statewide website and two other centers, Northeastern PA and Central Northern PA.

“We’ve worked with Ben Franklin Technology Partners for many years,” said Stan Zukowski, Vice President of Altitude Marketing. “We’re honored that RoseAnn B. Rosenthal, president and CEO of BFTP/SEP, would turn to us to develop a new website for her center. We worked closely with her team to create a new design and improved functionality that truly reflects the nature of their work with high-tech startups and established companies in the Philadelphia region.”

As a nationally-recognized leader in driving technologies forward for the regional and state economy, BFTP/SEP needed a website that embraced and embodied its brand—technically savvy and ahead of the curve. Altitude overhauled BFTP/SEP’s information architecture and gave the site an easy-to-use navigation that speaks to its various constituents. A leading-edge design and modern functionality provides a better user experience and reinforces what BFTP/SEP is all about.