Altitude Introduces New Website for Health Market Science

Altitude Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of Health Market Science’s brand new website.

By providing a solid base of information and assets such as case studies, news items, product descriptions all within established visual identity, Altitude was able to focus Health Market Science’s efforts on the overarching messaging and brand positioning. The end result is a new Health Market Science (HMS) website that is forward thinking, graphically pleasing, well-organized, content rich and scalable.

“The greatest challenge of re-conceptualizing the HMS information architecture was creating an organization schema and technological solution that worked both horizontally and vertically,” said Dave Sabol, Director of Marketing Technology at Altitude. “It’s rare to have a site that is able to accomplish this and that meets the needs of the company now, and in the future. This website is a true testament to how two organizations can truly partner to create outstanding results.”

The new site clearly and concisely articulates the Health Market Science advantage. Altitude integrated a refreshed design, revised intuitive user navigation and added compelling brand-related marketing content that speaks clearly to its various customer types.

Click here to view the new HMS website