Altitude Marketing Launches New Brand for Rhize, the World’s First Manufacturing Data Hub

Rhize featured image

Altitude Marketing, an integrated branding & marketing agency serving B2B manufacturing companies for more than 19 years, recently created and launched a new brand for Rhize, a revolutionary and transformative data solution for global manufacturers.

Rhize is a real-time, event-driven manufacturing data hub—a first-of-its-kind platform that allows manufacturers to create a standardized data model of their entire operation. The platform offers manufacturers a completely new way to manage and orchestrate operational data. Traditional data solutions, which keep data locked in separate silos, provide a limited view of what’s going on inside a manufacturing operation. Rhize offers the full picture—including both historical and real-time data—in an event-driven feed that can be connected to virtually any kind of application.

The company that would become Rhize, then known as Libre, came to Altitude in need of a new brand. This included a new name, visual identity, brand messaging and ‘launch-ready’ content and collateral— all tailored to audience segments in life sciences, consumer packaged goods, and serialized discrete manufacturing sectors.

Altitude leveraged its own experience within life sciences and manufacturing to craft a brand that could appeal to both sectors. Renamed Rhize, the brand draws inspiration from a rhizome, a type of underground plant root that never stops growing. 

“Having a partner like Altitude to help us develop a new brand and website representative of the value of our manufacturing data hub was a decision in the right direction,” said CEO of Rhize, Kirt Anderson. “They transformed our vision into a tangible, impactful reality. Their expertise and dedication became the cornerstone of our success, ensuring our brand echoed the essence and power encapsulated within being the world’s first manufacturing data hub.” 

Rhize laptop mockup

The new Rhize website boasts a modern, sleek design with a color palette transitioning from dark to light shades of green, evoking a tech-savvy, data-oriented atmosphere. The brand’s messaging targets life sciences, food and beverage, and serialized discrete manufacturers using clear, pain-point-driven language that highlights relevant buyer needs within each use case.

“Rhize has been one of our most successful brand engagements, from a creative, marketing, and partnership perspective,” said Jeff Kotran, VP of Brand Strategy for Altitude. “This is a new kind of product within the manufacturing data solutions category, so it demands a new kind of approach to branding and messaging. Our creative and content teams stepped up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park, drawing heavily on their experience generating demand for manufacturing and life science companies. As much fun as we’ve had building this brand, we’re just as excited to support the amazing Rhize team in taking it global.”

Altitude looks forward to deepening the Rhize partnership through content development, graphic design, and SEO strategy to boost brand awareness and audience share within each manufacturing sector.