Altitude Launches New Brand Messaging and Website for Kiwaii Spring Water

Kiwaii Website

Altitude partners with Kiwaii to prepare the launch of its 100% True New Zealand Spring Water to customers in the United States

Central to the company’s brand identity is the beauty and purity of the water source—the Blue Spring in Putaruru, Waikato, New Zealand. Altitude relied on actual photos of the spring itself to carry the weight of the design. Sliding graphics on the home page use “parallax scrolling,” driven by jQuery instead of Flash animation, to provide a virtual window onto the unbelievably clear, blue water.

Altitude understands the needs of entrepreneurs, like those at Kiwaii, and can provide a quality web design while staying on a cost-effective budget. Working with many startups and being champions for small business, Altitude was able to exceed Kiwaii’s expectations and stay well within budget.

Kiwaii now has the perfect medium to convey their message to future Kiwaii consumers. The fresh, sleek design stays true to the pure, invigorating feeling of the Kiwaii brand. But most importantly, the new website, developed in the WordPress content management system, gives Kiwaii the ability to update their own content and images as their company expands.

Because the product is in “pre-launch” mode, the website is educational in nature; it provides detailed information about the company and the water source and exposes common misconceptions about bottled water. For example, 60% of the bottled water on the market is really just filtered tap water derived from multiple sources. More often than not, it is processed and bottled in multiple plants. (Click here to learn more about what you’re really drinking.) Be on the lookout for Kiwaii in stores late 2010.