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Altitude Launches New Website for Bio Med Sciences

Bio Med Sciences offers technologically advanced, easy-to-use products for effective wound care and scar management.

The Bio Med Sciences website, before and after Altitude Marketing's redesign and relaunch

The Bio Med Sciences website, before and after Altitude Marketing's redesign and relaunch

With this website launch, Altitude Marketing effectively merged the company’s corporate site and two separate e-commerce sites, streamlining the purchasing process and integrating the design into the overarching brand identity.

Bio Med Sciences needed a hard-working, practical site that visually and verbally integrated with its other marketing efforts, including its popular online store. Altitude focused on the features and functionality necessary to drive site traffic, provide a more intuitive site visitor experience and execute well-defined visitor calls to action.

Visit the new Bio Med Sciences website here.

“Altitude Marketing delivered Bio Med Sciences an entirely new e-commerce website rebuilt from the inside out,” said Stan Zukowski, Altitude vice president. “We put special emphasis on the conversion funnel—driving visitors to take action, whether that action is to purchase a product or to contact the company for more information.”

“Altitude did a superb job,” said Mark Dillon, president and founder of Bio Med Sciences. “They took a content oriented approach, asking critical questions about who I wanted to reach and what I wanted to accomplish. They then expertly designed the graphics and navigation architecture to maximize the delivery of the right information to visitors based upon their demographic category. The site looks fantastic and functions perfectly. Altitude has delivered exactly what we set out to do.”

Altitude offered Bio Med Sciences a truly complete website solution—including professionally edited, keyword-rich, audience-targeted content crafted by marketing professionals.