Altitude Marketing Donates $5,000 to Wildlands Conservancy

Wildlands Conservancy

Altitude Marketing, an integrated marketing agency serving technology-focused B2B companies and manufacturers for more than 16 years, recently made a $5,000 donation to Wildland Conservancy, an Emmaus, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit. Wildlands Conservancy will put the donation toward its mission of restoring critical natural areas and waters, community education and creating a legacy of a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.

“During these times of social distancing and avoiding indoor crowds, people are turning to the outdoors and nature to destress more than ever, which is why Altitude is extremely proud to be able to continue to support the important work of the Wildlands Conservancy,” says Andrew Stanten, President, Altitude Marketing. “We only have so much public-accessible open space left, so the work being done by the staff and volunteers at Wildlands Conservancy is essential to our quality of life in the region.”

Wildlands Conservancy has preserved and managed 500,000+ acres of land, improved miles of streamlines, developed trail systems and restored wildlife habitats. Wildlands also holds events, school programs, scouting programs and recreational activities

Stanten has a long history with Wildlands Conservancy. He and his family often hike, bike or stargaze on the South Mountain Preserve trail, which is near his home. In addition, the Altitude Marketing team has volunteered at the Wildlands Conservancy in past years.

“I am thrilled that Altitude has the ability this year to contribute monetarily to Wildlands Conservancy, but our support extends beyond dollars,” says Stanten. “We are hoping to do a day of trail maintenance this spring.”

Chris Kocher, President, Wildlands Conversancy, says individuals are welcome to donate their time. Volunteer opportunities exist in animal care, sanctuary maintenance and environmental education and activities. To express interest in volunteering, complete this form: