Altitude Marketing Launches New Website for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Altitude Marketing, Lehigh Valley’s fastest growing integrated marketing firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/NEP).

From design to copywriting, programming to hosting, Altitude handled the entire project start-to-finish. Visit the website at

The leading-edge design and organization of the BFTP/NEP site entice visitors through an innovative “website-within-a-website” technology. This unique feature enables visitors to navigate through the entire site without ever leaving the home page. Deeper information is then available for visitors who want to click through for more details.

“When it comes to finding content, the fewer clicks that a visitor has to make, the better,” said Justin Scheetz, senior web developer at Altitude Marketing. “We spend a lot of time up front–before we start designing or coding–making sure the site has intuitive navigation and keyword-rich content to drive traffic and convert customers.”

All of Altitude Marketing’s websites feature a user-friendly content management system that allows the client to create or remove pages, add text and upload images without any special technical knowledge.

“One of the biggest wishes we hear from our clients is the ability to control the content of their own website without having to pay some web developer to do it,” says Stan Zukowski, vice president of Altitude Marketing. “Our content management system makes that possible. And unlike other agencies, we don’t charge any monthly licensing fees for the technology.” In addition, built-in tools allow clients to control their own keywords and other data that is critical for search engine optimization and marketing.