Altitude Marketing Announces Partnership with Libre Technologies Inc.

Altitude Marketing, an integrated marketing agency serving B2B companies for more than 19 years, recently announced a partnership with Libre Technologies Inc., the world’s first and only graph-based manufacturing data hub built specifically to the ANSI/ISA-95 standard.

Libre is a first-of-its-kind platform that helps manufacturers create a real-time, unified data model of their entire operation – a data-driven representation of what’s happening at every layer of business, from materials and machinery to people and processes, without silos. Using Libre, a manufacturing firm can better understand the relationships between and across every node of information it produces, and rapidly harness that knowledge to continuously improve everything from performance to quality to execution. 

Until now, data harmonization and speed-to-insight of this kind has been virtually unattainable for manufacturers, which rely on heavily siloed, monolithic systems that keep data trapped. Libre is an entirely different beast: It’s built on a graph-based microservices architecture; it’s fully and natively compliant with ANSI/ISA-95 – the industry standard “common language” for manufacturing enterprise control systems; and it’s powered by an entirely novel, event-driven workflow modeling engine.

The unique combination allows manufacturers to transcend legacy data barriers and create a far more granular, and thus, far more accurate, moving picture of what is currently happening in their operation.

With locations in the US, UK, and Australia, Libre serves a worldwide client base of manufacturers across biopharma, life sciences, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and more. The partnership with Altitude will transform the platform’s visual and verbal identity and bring the brand to a hungry manufacturing market.

“Libre needs a naming, branding and messaging refresh with a focus on delivering thought leadership to the life sciences market,” said Kirt Anderson, CEO of Libre Technologies, Inc. “Altitude’s experience in the Life Sciences and the Manufacturing sector as well as their in-house capabilities in renaming, rebranding and website design, make them the perfect partner to transform our brand.” 

“With their innovative, scalable approach to data management and hard-to-argue-with value proposition for manufacturers – especially in the life sciences – Libre is a great fit with Altitude,” said Altitude Marketing CEO, Andrew Stanten. “We are incredibly excited that after an extensive agency search, Libre selected us as their global marketing partner to help take the firm to the next level. A lot of companies boast about the uniqueness of their solutions – a perception that is often based more on hope, marketing spin, and lack of market awareness than reality. Libre is the real deal. They are poised to revolutionize manufacturing in the Life Sciences – and beyond.”