Altitude Marketing Announces Partnership with Sytheon

Altitude Marketing, an integrated marketing agency serving B2B companies for over 19 years, recently announced a marketing partnership with Sytheon, a premier supplier of multifunctional, high-performance active ingredients for the personal care industry.

Sytheon is headquartered in the US, with locations in France and Singapore, well positioning the company to serve 60+ countries across the globe. As a research-backed company, all of Sytheon’s ingredients are supported by deep clinical research with a focus on safety, sustainability, stability, differentiation and performance. Each active ingredient in the Sytheon portfolio is either directly derived from Mother Nature or inspired by natural chemistry and made through organic synthesis.

The partnership with Altitude will seek to bolster Sytheon’s global presence through elevated branding and messaging, highly targeted product marketing, and focused lead generation.

“This partnership with Altitude Marketing is exactly what we were looking for to elevate our presence,” said Sohini Ganguli, Sytheon’s Head of Business Development. “Collaboration together will be the key to our future success!”

“With their science-first approach, market leadership position, Earth-friendly values and superior quality products, Sytheon is the real deal – and a great fit with Altitude,” said Altitude Marketing CEO, Andrew Stanten. “We are incredibly excited that after an extensive agency search, Sytheon selected us as their global marketing partner.