Altitude Marketing’s Andrew Stanten named Lehigh Valley Entrepreneur of the Month

Andrew Stanten, the president and co-founder of Altitude Marketing, was named Entrepreneur of the Month by Lehigh Valley

Stanten is recognized for his marketing efforts and big picture approach. Five years ago Stanten identified the need for a new kind of agency in the Lehigh Valley – lean and nimble, but with a full-service, strategic, wide-angle view of marketing and branding – and he started Altitude. With Stanten’s commitment and strategic philosophy, he created a dominant company with a strong team. Stanten and team Altitude’s efforts expose new patterns and gaps in a client’s communication strategies while providing the necessary tools to generate long-lasting success for their clients.

During Stanten’s video segment, he stresses the willingness to turn negatives into positives and opportunities to learn and grow. Stanten’s determination and expertise have propelled Altitude Marketing to become a high value, extremely competent, result-driven and cost-effective company, with proven skills in brand communications, web development, public relations, copywriting, traditional and new media marketing. Stanten’s hunger for success is insatiable.

To sum up much of his philosophy, Stanten said, “You have to be able to take a hard look in the mirror and say, ‘What have we done right?’…But more importantly what can we do better?”

To view Stanten’s Lehigh Valley Entrepreneur of the Month video, please click here.

About Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing, located in Emmaus, PA, provides a wide range of expert integrated marketing services, including planning, design, writing, production and ongoing management for print media, advertising, PR, web development and electronic communications. Altitude Marketing clients appreciate our big picture approach to communications. We lead with research, analysis and planning-and follow with compelling writing, beautiful design, leading-edge technology and cost-saving project management.