Altitude President Andrew Stanten’s Column in Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal

Andrew Stanten, president and co-founder of Altitude Marketing, shared his expertise on marketing in his new column in the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (EPBJ) this week.

The column is entitled “Rise to the Challenge of Writing an Elevator Speech” and describes how to prepare a concise and compelling description of your company–and its core message–in the few minutes it takes for an elevator ride.

Stanten explains the elevator speech, a short pitch and description of your company and its product or service, which must convey your bottom line and gives examples of clients who have experienced communication gaps, and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Stanten, one of the EPBJ’s top 20 under 40 Business Leaders of 2009 and most recently a recipient of the 2009 Executive Spotlight award, teaches Marketing 101 at the Small Business Development Council at Lehigh University. Look for his column, “The PR Game Is Upside Down–So Do a Handstand” in November.