Altitude President Goes to Court

originate ventures

On March 20, Altitude president Andrew Stanten was invited to participate in Open Court, a venue created by Originate Ventures founder Mike Gausling to provide start-up and emerging businesses with guidance on successfully bringing their concepts to market and preparing them to raise investment capital.

originate venturesOriginate Ventures is a venture capital investment firm, targeting early stage product and services companies located in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Stanten joined Gausling, rVibe CEO and co-founder Braydon Johnson-McCormick and Lehigh University professor Dr. Dreya Pamukcu at Orginate’s headquarters in South Side Bethlehem for the 90-minute presentation, Q&A and counsel session. About 30 people were in attendance – many of whom were Lehigh University students.

Stanten and the panel provided candid feedback and advice to Chall Tech, an emerging mobile application company focused on the competitive rowing market. Chall Tech presented its business case and sought advice to help the fledgling company successfully raise funds to bring its cloud-based program that stores rowing members’ performance data in efforts to improve their skill, to market.

Stanten has sat on similar panels for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pa., listening to, providing feedback and critiquing the very early stages of company’s business plans.

“I enjoy being able to give these start-ups advice from hard lessons learned and provide insight I wish I would have had in the early stages of Altitude,” said Stanten. “Open Court is a great venue to help the next generation of Lehigh Valley entrepreneurs towards success.”