Altitude president’s column continues in Business Journal

Altitude president Andrew Stanten’s monthly column in the Eastern PA Business Journal continued in the December 7 issue and the topic at hand was social media.

As an integrated marketing firm, Altitude understands not only the importance of a social media strategy but the tactics and thought behind it. Social media isn’t for every business but it is certainly worth looking into for growing your own business. Stanten’s column stresses continuing a traditional marketing effort while adding elements of social media to enhance efforts.

Ignoring social media is becoming impossible and impractical. Stanten advises following the competition through various mediums and seeing what others are saying. With the advent of Twitter as a way to keep lines of communication constantly open, it can be a valuable resource. Additionally, Facebook and LinkedIn are easy ways to keep in touch with friends and business contacts and add profiles about your own business. For those still hesitant about social media, there are classes available, mentors who can guide the process and a myriad of online resources. Essentially, there’s no reason not to take the social media plunge.

Stanten’s marketing-focused column, this month entitled “Jump in, swim around and explore social media” is in the December 7 issue of the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal. Be on the lookout for his next column in January 2010.