Altitude president’s column in Business Journal

Altitude president Andrew Stanten’s column in the Eastern PA Business Journal is focused on integrated marketing this month.

In his column, Stanten stressed how important is for businesses to convey a unified message through integrated marketing. According to Stanten, “Integrated marketing is making sure everything your business communicates, both internal and external, is carried out according to an overall strategic plan, with a consistent visual and verbal identity.”

Stanten wrote that too many businesses today waste money throwing mud against the wall and hoping it sticks. They give into the desire for immediate, tangible results in the short-term and neglect a strategy that will help bring them to their long-term goals.

When the message is consistent through each communication channel, it is strengthened. This brings more to customers and gives businesses more for their time and money. “If your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you,” said Stanten.

Stanten’s marketing-focused column, this month entitled, “Tossing mud has impact, but doesn’t work as marketing approach,” is in the February 8 issue of the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal. Be on the lookout for his next column in March 2010!