Altitude Strategic Partner Google AdWords Certified Partner Status

Google Certified Partner

NetCrafter Solutions, led by Fred Zahradnik, is an internet search engine marketing specialty firm, and a strategic partner of Altitude Marketing.

Altitude works hand-in-hand with NetCrafter to deliver expert Google AdWords services that integrate all of our clients’ marketing efforts.

NetCrafter recently earned Google AdWords Certified Partner status. This certification includes industry standards for account volume and experience, as well as Google-administered testing. It is the highest level of AdWords certification offered by Google. NetCrafter Solutions is one of just eight firms in the state of Pennsylvania to have achieved this status.

Altitude leverages NetCrafter’s expertise to develop fully integrated marketing campaigns. This includes research and deep analysis of key words, search patterns and, when it makes sense for the client, managing a pay per click (PPC) advertising strategy. Altitude incorporates this research and advertising into the over-arching marketing mix and translate highly technical jargon and statistics into something the client can understand to create measurable goals and positive ROI on PPC spending, ensures ultimate success.

“We congratulate NetCrafter on this distinction,” said Andrew Stanten, Altitude president. “Their experience and skill are unmatched and we look forward to working together more for the mutual benefit of our clients.”