Altitude VP currently starring in “A Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol

Stan Zukowski, Vice President and Creative Director of Altitude Marketing, is currently playing the role of Bob Cratchit in the Allentown Civic Theatre Production of “A Christmas Carol.”

The play is a holiday tradition in the Lehigh Valley, having been presented at Civic for over 21 years. Stan, our creative director-thespian extraordinaire has devoted himself to his role, attending rigorous practices for the past few months and even growing the authentic 19th century facial hair.

“He [Stan] nails the role of the good-hearted clerk [Bob Cratchit], who maintains good cheer despite a horrid boss and lousy pay,” a recent Morning Call review said of Stan. “He clearly loves Tiny Tim and his entire big family.”

The review went on to call Civic’s production “a heartwarming production of the Dickens classic.” Team Altitude is proud of our co-founder Stan – we congratulate him on the performance and cannot wait to see the show this weekend!

For show times, ticket information and more, please click here.