Altitude’s Lead Developer Obtains Google Analytics Certification

Altitude’s Lead Developer, Justin Scheetz, recently obtained his certification for Google Analytics.

Google Analytics helps improve websites and advertising initiatives through many features. These include measuring advertising ROI, cross channel and multimedia tracking, visualizing data, customized reporting, sharing and communicating, and Google integration and reliability. After completing the Google Analytics program, Justin passed the difficult certification test, which requires knowledge of analytics basics in addition to complex tasks like setting up custom goals, filters, AdSense integration, custom users and more.

“In general, this means taking analytics to the next level,” said Scheetz. “We customize the results for a specific website, instead of just a broad overview of statistics.”

Altitude’s Director of Technology and Social Media, Dave Sabol, expects to be certified in the next few months as well. These certifications will prove an asset to Altitude’s team, its upcoming endeavors and most of all its clients.