Andrew Stanten’s column continues in Business Journal

Altitude president Andrew Stanten continues his column in the most recent issue of the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal. Stanten’s column gives five pointers on how to increase your website presence and improve your web strategy overall.

“Do keyword research to see what words prospects are using to find you and your competition. Make sure those words are carefully woven into your content.”

Stanten’s expertise is unmatched- having given numerous seminars on electronic marketing and presiding over Altitude which produces award-winning websites. In this column, he offers simple tips for building or maintaining your website to best serve your business and its customers. Stanten’s tips include implementing a content management system, using concise and keyword-rich content and installing Google Analytics. Stanten also stresses that overall your website needs to cater to new, existing and potential customers and clients.

The full column appears in the May 31 edition of the Eastern PA Business Journal. It will be available online shortly.