Appstorm loves Ticksy!

We think Ticksy is the best darn web-based customer service solution we’ve ever used. But we might be a little biased – we did design the thing, after all.

So don’t take our word for it. Listen to Envato’s Appstorm, where Ticksy just earned a coveted “10/10” review.

(That’s 10 out of a possible 10. Perfecto. Parfait. Pretty sweet, huh?)

“The UI is simple, clean and minimalist, and incredibly straightforward,” reviewer Connor Turnbull wrote. “The app isn’t plagued by levels of navigation or completely useless rubbish. Instead, it focuses on what’s important and allows you to get through customer support requests in a breeze.”

Can’t say we disagree. After all, Ticksy was created specifically to be a simple, inexpensive and Envato-friendly alternative to all the bloated help desk apps on the web.

Anything else, Connor?

“At just $5/user/month, it’s fantastically priced for such an amazing product,” he wrote. “If you’re working independently, or as part of a team, Ticksy is well worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a simple integrated way to support your customers from the Envato marketplaces!”

That’ll do. And we’re not done yet. With new features on the way, Ticksy is about to get even better – and more interactive. There’s more on that coming soon at