Authority Magazine Interviews Andrew Stanten & Adam Smartschan

Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, recently interviewed Altitude Marketing leaders Andrew Stanten, President, and Adam Smartschan, Chief Strategy Officer. In the interviews, they shared their expertise on how businesses can navigate in these uncertain times and stay competitive. Authority Magazine offers thought-provoking content featuring leaders who are authorities in industries that include business and technology.

Stanten recently shared his experience in leading during this turbulent economic climate. From having a clear company culture and vision to being flexible and offering new products and services, Altitude has learned how to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

“During challenging times, it is absolutely critical for leaders to focus on the big picture, be open-minded, be open to change, be as transparent as possible about what’s going on, be crystal clear on expectations, and give assurances that despite a world of unknowns there are a plan and contingencies being thought through,” says Stanten.

Check out the Authority Magazine interview with Andrew Stanten:

In his interview, Smartschan showcases how businesses can remain competitive in the ecommerce space, regardless of their size.

“If it’s between the Main Street shop that I have to get into my car and drive to get to  – and wear a mask to enter –  or yelling at Alexa, I’m probably not going to drive there. I’m probably going to yell at Alexa. Most of your customers will be the exact same way since the ease of the experience and the pricing is very important to them. So, whether you deal with brick and mortar stores or ecommerce, you must be mindful of the fact that your competition isn’t what it used to be,” says Smartschan.

Fortunately, new tools that are low cost and relatively simple to use have made it easier for small businesses to compete. Utilizing Google Pay or Apple Pay, for example, can improve the customer experience.  

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