New Adaptik Website Demonstrates Altitude’s Ability to Meet Clients’ Unique Needs

Altitude Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Adaptik, a leading policy administration solutions company located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

From planning and designing to actually launching the site, Altitude Marketing handled the entire project. See the website at

According to Gwen Hoover, director of public relations at Altitude Marketing, the most important part of this project was “to articulate the essence of the company’s business.” Altitude delivered this objective through a labor intensive and collaborative copywriting process that resulted in text that is easy to follow and understand. The website also boasts an easy to navigate layout, compelling testimonials from Adaptik clients, and a cohesive and integrated use of images throughout the site.

“Any website development project for Altitude is really a branding process–we look at all aspects of the site, from messaging to code to imagery,” says Altitude’s vice president, Stan Zukowski. “It’s the view from 30,000 feet that characterizes Altitude’s marketing strategy.”

Most importantly for Adaptik was to create a website that would appeal to both the traditional, risk-averse nature of the industry while still demonstrating the company’s contemporary, leading-edge approach to policy administration solutions. Adaptik’s new website gives a 30-second credibility check through clear, professional wording but also incorporates eye-catching imagery that not only complements the text but also takes advantage of a modern Web 2.0 design sense.

As Stan Zukowski puts it, what is unique about Adaptik is that “it has a working product with live customers, but is still a nimble, new company that is not tied down to the conventions of the industry.” Through the use of imagery and design, the website shows that Adaptik is looking through a completely different, but still entirely effective lens when it comes to policy administration.