Altitude Marketing Makes a Splash with Modern Rebranding Project: From Plate IQ to Ottimate

Ottimate rebranding press release featured image

Altitude Marketing, an integrated software marketing agency serving B2B companies for more than 19 years, is proud to share in the success of Plate IQ’s recent rebrand to Ottimate. 

Ottimate (formerly Plate IQ) is AP automation AI for AP managers, approvers, controllers and CFOs. The platform promises (and delivers) deep learning capabilities, limitless customization, and tight bidirectional ERP integrations – all to better serve the accounts payable process from invoice upload to payment. 

So why the rebrand? Plate IQ started out as an AP automation solution for the restaurant industry. The robust AI allowed Plate IQ to capture important line item details, a previously unmet need for restaurant AP professionals.

Almost 10 years later, Plate IQ has matured into a powerful, AI-driven software that automates key problems in the office of the CFO – regardless of industry. Now, the company seeks to introduce this technology to other verticals that need a better way of automating accounts payable, while continuing to delight its current and new customers in the restaurant space. 

To do this, Plate IQ sought a rebrand that could help them minimize barriers to vertical expansion and truly make a splash in the saturated AP automation software market. For the past 6+ months, the Altitude and Plate IQ team have been working hard together to develop a new brand name that delivers – and Ottimate was born. 

“We entrusted Altitude with our brand, and they surpassed our expectations,” said Ben Frank, Director of Marketing at Ottimate. “The team invested time in understanding our company and vision for the future, becoming an extension of our own in this exciting transition to the next chapter of our company. We can’t wait to see the new brand come to life and are confident it will resonate with AP professionals who desperately need a better way to get their work done.”

Ottimate brings to market a fresh visual and verbal identity with a compelling edge: Don’t just automate AP. Ottimate it. 

mockup of ottimates website on a phone and laptop

The brand gives new life to Plate IQ’s existing color palette, drawing on its years of brand equity while also introducing new, attention-grabbing elements. At its core is the new brand icon, Otti, an octopus symbolizing intelligence, eight helping hands, and a consortium for AP professionals. The personality of Ottimate not only sings automation but also gives the company a conversational voice – making the powerful AI technology accessible and real for the end users. Initial user acceptance testing metrics are strong, and the Altitude team is excited to see the impact Ottimate will have on the AP industry. 

“One of the moments I live for at Altitude is when the collaboration between our team and the client creates “lightning in a bottle.” It’s the moment when you know you’ve found something really special and singular, and everything falls into place,” said Partner and VP of Creative and Web, Drew Frantzen. “The Ottimate (nee Plate IQ) team trusted Altitude and kept an open mind throughout the full branding journey. Feeding off of that trust, the Altitude team was inspired in all aspects of the process: from the naming process to the brand story to the creative executions, it has been magic from start to finish. Ottimate is a success story that has only just begun.”