Column by Altitude president Andrew Stanten now in Business Journal

Altitude Marketing president and co-founder Andrew Stanten pens a monthly column in the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (EPBJ), and the newest is out this week.

Stanten’s column, focused on marketing and public relations, is about the changing landscape of public relations. Rather than hold onto old methods, companies must adapt.

Regardless of industry, companies need to reassess their PR strategy and use new channels, such as the ever-growing blogosphere, to their advantage. Stanten tackles this and other issues in his column which can be found in the November 9 edition of the EPBJ.

Stanten, one of the EPBJ’s top 20 under 40 Business Leaders of 2009 and most recently a recipient of the 2009 Executive Spotlight award, teaches Marketing 101 at the Small Business Development Council at Lehigh University. Look for his next column in mid-December.