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How Altitude Helped Sitrof Technologies Get Noticed … and Get Acquired

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Sitrof Technologies had one exit goal: to be acquired. The enterprise content management consultancy had all the ingredients for success. It just needed a best-in-class B2B marketing agency to help it focus, productize and publicize its message.

That’s where Altitude Marketing came in.

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(now known as Dell EMC)

About Sitrof Technologies

Sitrof Technologies provided Tier 1 and Tier 2 life sciences firms – including some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers – with modern, scalable content management and consulting services that addressed common challenges with unstructured data and compliance and protection.


In June 2013, EMC (now known as Dell EMC) formally acquired Sitrof and integrated the firm into its IIG Services Americas consulting practice.

For Sitrof, a modest startup, the challenging business landscape marked the initial phase of their audacious journey toward substantial growth.

As Sitrof expanded, it swiftly emerged as a prominent leader in various sectors, focusing on ECM (Enterprise Content Management), document management, and eTM (electronic Transaction Management). Their diverse clientele encompassed financial institutions, government entities, and the life sciences. They had a flexible approach that welcomed any promising opportunities that crossed their path and desired to continue to grow.

Sitrof recognized that their current marketing approach was primarily ad hoc and reactive. They understood the importance of focusing on their business rather than within it to reach their revenue goal. This would require a strategic approach to enhance their brand, boost sales and establish a more robust digital marketing presence. To accomplish this, they sought the expertise of a top-tier B2B marketing agency to help them refine their focus, package their services into compelling products, and effectively showcase their brand in the market.

However, throughout its growth trajectory, in addition to its revenue goal, Sitrof held a more significant long-term goal: to position itself for acquisition.

This is where Altitude Marketing entered the picture. 

Doubling Down on Life Sciences

In their role as Sitrof’s strategic marketing partner, Altitude formulated an integrated marketing strategy and narrowed down Sitrof’s focus. Altitude concentrated on expanding Sitrof’s presence within the life sciences sector. This approach encompassed a multifaceted content strategy, including blogs, case studies, videos, digital advertisements, social media posts, public relations initiatives, trade shows and more.

In just a few years, Sitrof gained prominence in the life sciences sector, securing featured placements in specific publications and expanding its life sciences client portfolio. Altitude was able to help establish Sitrof as a leading authority in data migration and IT services, significantly elevating its brand visibility. These endeavors led to a noteworthy increase in leads and a substantial double-digit growth in their bottom line.

Achieving the Acquisition Goal

A component of the integrated marketing plan involved active participation in industry trade shows. Sitrof attended events like the Drug Information Association (DIA) trade show. At these events, Sitrof made significant strides in building its brand presence, engaging with potential clients and forging crucial connections within the life sciences domain.

EMC Documentum, a prominent enterprise content management platform that stores diverse content types within a shared repository, noticed Sitrof’s outstanding progress. Recognizing the potential for synergies, EMC seized the strategic opportunity.

In 2013, Sitrof’s ambitions became a reality when EMC acquired Sitrof Technologies. This acquisition fulfilled Sitrof’s long-standing goals and established its standing as a significant player in the industry. EMC’s move underscored the industry-wide recognition and success that Sitrof had attained through its effective marketing and growth endeavors.

The Story Continues

Sitrof’s journey doesn’t conclude there. 

Following the earn-out period, Dan Wheeler, the owner of Sitrof, embarked on a fresh venture, establishing his own company, Daelight Solutions. Daelight Solutions specializes in IT consulting, addressing the intricate information challenges businesses face in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

Drawing from his previous experience with Altitude Marketing during his time at Sitrof, Dan recognized the remarkable results that Altitude could achieve. Moreover, he grew a strong partnership with the Altitude team and their marketing expertise. So when it was time to market the Daelight brand, Dan knew who to call. 

Altitude has remained Daelight’s trusted agency for four years, providing ongoing marketing support, including messaging, digital advertising, social media management, content development, creative services, web design and maintenance, and more.

The initial collaboration with Sitrof paved the way for a lasting and fruitful partnership with Daelight Solutions that continues to thrive and drive success in the ever-evolving marketing and information technology world.